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Jai Ambedkar


Ambedkar Samaj Party 

State Bank of India

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A/c 32120305011

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Ambedkar Samaj Party

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Ambedkar Student Front

Veerangna Phoolan Devi Mahila Morcha

Jyptiba Phule Kisan Morcha

Krantiveer Birsa Munad Mazdoor Mahasangh

Dr. Ambedkar Adhivakta Sangh

Ambedkar Karmchari Mahasangh

Babri Masjid Navnirman Sena

Mission Media (Ahwal-e-Mission)

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Manifesto ASP

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The Message from Baba Saheb

 An earnest appeal

                                                        -Bhai Tej Singh

National Holiday for 14th April, The Birthday of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedlar

Vte Hamara Raaj Tumhara

 Political power in the hands of incapable n incompetents has proven useless...

Our due share

Remembrance Day for dalits n Muslims


    In order to completely annihilate and uproot Brahmanism/Hindutwa and rabid organizations thereof detrimental for the very existence of the indigenous humanities i.e. dalits & Muslims, we have to solemnly pledge and affirm not to caste our votes in favor of the Caste-Hindu candidates i.e. the Brahmin, Kshatriya & Vaishyas  in the forthcoming elections. We shall have to ensure that no stooges of the Caste-Hindus belonging to our communities coming on BJP, Congress, Communist, Shiv Sena and even S.P., B.S.P., Janata Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Lok Dal, Parlok Janshakti Party tickets should entitle to get our votes.

  This will certainly root out Brahmanism and their mother organization RSS from this country of ours ensuring our peaceful n respectful existence with our due share in the land, wealth, governance, education, industry, banking, commerce and judiciary in accordance with our population.

        If we could have undertaken the battle of ballot with our opponents making due differentiation between our friends and foes and able to draw a clear cut demarcation, we are sure, the Brahmanism shall fall flat! Only then we the indigenous people ofIndiashall breathe and realize the true sense of independence & liberty.

        Therefore, it is my humble request to my brothers n sisters to spread this message across the boundaries of this country of ours.                                                                                                                                 - Bhai Tej Singh

Manifesto ASP

Ambedkarwad-Zindabad Islam Zindawad

The time for our own government

Drag the Aryans away from India

Political Power of dalits n Muslims for the Dalits n Muslims and by the...

Babri Maszid Navnirman Sena

Castrate Castiesm

Islam Zindabad

FDI in Ratail: A boon for indigenous people
Hindu Terrorism

 Say no to Hindu Gods

Babri Mosques is the necessity for dalits than Muslims!

Daliton ke Hath mein Jhadu! Wah Maya Kamal kar diya Mishra k ishare par

Babri Masjid being demolished by the Hindu fanatics...Courtsy Congress

Ailane Jung...

Maya Karti Kya  Dhandha hai?

Hoe can Maya equated herself with our Messiahs?

Elephant: the Carrier of Hinduism

Zinda Devi Daliton Ki

 PM Maya: She is bound to do away with our Constitution

The Elephant (BSP) has given "Double Egg" in 2014 Lok Sabha Election!

At Dhannideeh (Shravasti) U.P., the Muslim women were raped publically during Maya-Mishra regime!


Baman deceiving Bali Raja!

B.S.P. means Brahmin Samaj Party

 Maya's farman against the statues of Baba saheb Dr. AmbedkarIslam Zindabad

Mulayam-Kalyan friendship- an alarm for Muslims?

Press Conference of Bhai Tej Singh

 Azamgarh convention 2011There is no difference between Maya n MulayamMakkal Reporter from ChennaiBhai Tej Singh in Rally against Hindu-TerrorismWelcoming HE Pope John Paul II to IndiaDemonstration by Veerangna Phoolan Devi Mahila Morcha

Maya: Jhoonthi, Makkar n Greedy woman

Maya now need no votes from Dalits as the Brahmin shall play conch and the elephant shall reach Delhi!

Beware brother Muslims from Ram-Naami Mulayam!

Deewali is the festival of owls

Mission 2014

Rally against Judicial Terrorism

Vote Hamara


IPR  (Individual's Performance Report) Form

A warning from ASF

Jinda Devi swallowing Jinda dalits!

Haq-Hifazat & Hukumat Rally, Mau

 Saropa at ChandigarhBhai Inamu ur Rehman, National Joint Secretary, ASPThe compelled Maya-Mulayam shall support Modi

Adv. Chandra Bhan Singh, Vice President, Ambedkar Youth Front, (The youht  wing of ASP)

Jai Aurangjeb

contd...Jai aurangjeb

Mukammil Ilaz

Congress, SP & BSP are the culprits of Muslims

The real culprit who thwarted the Reservation in promotion

 Bhai Tej Singh with his lieutenants at tirade against police atrocities at Tundla

Hahakar Sammelan against atrocities

Daalit-Daman Virodhi Rally

Dalit-Daman virodhi Rally, Delhi

Bloodstained hand of Congress!Ishant Meshram, President, ASF, Maharashtra

Muslim Massacre in Muzaffar Nagar...

Muslims massacre at Muzaffar Nagar...

Mulayam's MuzaffarNagar Model!

Another GO is the complaint of the victim proves to be false

Maya issued GO against Baba Saheb's statues to be installed in UP without permission of the state!

Bicycle March: Against the enhancement of retirement age

Bolo Bahujan "JaisriRam"

The broom on head of a Vaishya!

No Devilish attempt to construct temple at the site of Babri Mosque shall be allowed.

Muslim's enemy, Mulayam's friend!

Bycycle March against enhancement retirement age

Bhai Baseer Ahmad Dar, President ASP, J&K State

 Maya: Ek zinda devi

Bhai C.P. Singh, State General Secretary, U.P.l

Anand the brother of Mayawati has addressed a meeting of BSP Core group!

The Hindus are alien to this country

A movement of the untouchables must mean an open war upon the Caste Hindus.

  ...Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar  

(Page-344, Vol. 5, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Writing & Speeches)

Our Mission

 The Brahminical imperialists in India want to remain our masters in the guise of their empty nonviolence and deceitful Nationalism so as to enjoy on the pillage of our land and wealth at gunpoint depriving us of our rights and liberty behind their trap of frightening our people of their false and fictitious religious notions and their imaginary Gods & Goddesses,


 we, the oppressed starving millions Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes, Muslim, Buddhist, Shikh and Christian, damn their empty nonviolence and deceitful Nationalism and dare and denounce their false and fictitious Gods & Goddesses, would like to seek our freedom and right of self-determination to decide our fate and to live at our will in this land of ours.

 This is nothing but our only long cherished sublime Mission...

                                                         -Bhai Tej Singh   

Our Mission...HindiAn earnest Appeal for danations

Our Messiahs who's struggle has shown us way to liberty...

Untouchability still prevails in India!

Please watch the link.

No Women's Reservation Bill shall be allowed to be passed without due share of SC/ST/OBC, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh women...

We SC, ST & BCs are not Hindu at all.

Aarakshan Vs Bhakshan

After the result of Lok Sabha Election 2014 in which both were finished

Emergence of Hindu-Rashtra!

Waqt ka Takaja

Emergence of Hindu-Rashtra! 

A glimpse of the struggle of Bhai Tej Singh


A sheer example of Judicial-Terrorism: The judgement of Patna High Court on Laxmanpur Bathe (Bihar) massacre of dalits by Ranvir Sena!

Voyage against Hindu-Terrorism in 2003


Muzaffar Nagar Massacre of Muslims

Mulayam equates Modi in MuzaffarNagarRaped women in MuzaffarNagar massacre of Muslims telling their woes 

Mulayam's Khandani Govt. has rejoiced Saifai carnival ignoring Muzaffarnagar killing...!


Mulayam & his family rejoicing at Saifai!


Zia ul Haq eliminated by one of Mulayam's beloved!

Modi's Gujarat Model: Muslims genocide in Gujarat

Modi's Gujarat Model: A warning for Muslims n Dalits

Modi's Gujrat Model!  

The true face of RSS (Racial Satanic System)


Krishna used to have honeymoon with Gopis (the daughters of Gwalas)

 Kejariwal is the offspring of RSS to dodge secular votes! Beware of him.

The Goddess of learning & millions of literates in India!

Maya is just titular head of BSP, Mishra is true leader

No one knows as to which way Maya shall move?

No Rama at Ayodhya then why Rama-temple? 

Where the Goddess of power is worshiped and the country remained subjugated for thousand years!@


The Hindu scriptures and women

We must henceforth

No Muslims Member Parliament elected from 27 States!

Where the Goddess of wealth (Laxmi) is being worshiped and millions of people starved!


The Caste-Hindu galloping jobs but blaming reservation...!

Mulayam damn care for Muslims: Raja Bhaiyya Minister again!

Liberate Kanshi from the clutches of Maya!

Chaurasi Kosi Parikrama by VHP at the behest of Mulayam Singh Yadav

Congress has made dalits as their stooge

The criminals have concealed their true identity in the garb of Bhagwa!

Is there any answer to this question?

             The killer Hindu deities!                   

Mid-Day Meal or Murder!


BMNS: Booklet cover Page

Let us pledge...

Hindu-Terrorism in Hindu-scripture
What sort of the well-wishers?
 The life-struggle of Veerangna Phoolan Devi

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