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(EMERGENCE, EVOLUTION & EXTINCTION 1978- BAMCEF (Source of Genuine & Capable leadership?)

(Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation): A non-political and non-religious wing of the employees of Backward Classes and Minority communities to contribute money, mind and time for the Ambedkarite movement. It was to take on the Caste Hindu’s Mother Organization ‘RSS’ but…? The principle of BAMCEF was “To pay back to society”.

After theChandigarhconference (1981), BAMCEF was abandoned!

 1982- DS4 (Social Action)-for mild to wild action

(Dalit Shoshit Sangharsh Samiti): An agitation wing of dalit-shoshit. It was supposed to counter Hindu Militant organizations (Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Durga Vahini etc.) but abandoned without any sort of fight….?

The slogan of DS4 was-


 1984- BSP (To Capture political power for Bahujan Samaj)

(Bahujan Samaj Party): A political party of the Bahujan Samaj, for the Bahujan Samaj and by the Bahujan Samaj i.e. to get political power (The Master Key) for the Bahujan Samaj with the note (Money) and vote of the Bahujan Samaj.

The sole intention behind the formation of BSP was to empower Bahujan Samaj politically so as to bring about “Social transformation and economic emancipation”.

 The concept of the above organizations was based on the theory and practice of 15/85, means no person from 15% Caste Hindu elements was supposed to be allowed to get in. That is why the slogan of TILAK, TARAJU AUR TALWAR-INKO MAARO JOOTE CHAAR was flouted to keep distance from the oppressor Brahmins, Kshatriya and the Vaishyas. It was just a warning to our people (85%) to maintain distance from these 15% Caste Hindus and deal with them firmly if they ever tried to come to them.

 The other slogan of the party were-













 BAHUJAN SAMAJ KA HIT BAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY KE SAATH SURAKSHIT (The welfare and safety of 85% Bahujan Samaj is safe with Bahujan Samaj Party).

The oppressor Caste Hindus were branded NAAG NATH & SANP NATH, means if somebody will try to put his hand in the snake-pit, snake will bite and the result will be sure death. Otherwise also, if a snake would have entered one’s house the family will have to spend their whole night by sitting on their cot in fear/terror. In both ways, the death or the fear of impending death is sure. This way our people were being taught in BAMCEF/BSP Cadre Camps.

 Now it could easily be added that- NAAG NAATH, SAAMP NAATH & ASTEEN KE SAMP! Please guess as to who are “ASTEEN KE SAMP”.

 Kanshi Ram has once (12-5-1992 Karkardooma,Delhi) branded Ram Vilas Paswan as THAKUR KA THAPPA. (Thakur means V.P. Singh)

 He also used to abuse Babu Jagjiwan Ram as Gulam Ram of Congress a stooge of Congress Party.


BSP was established on 14th April 1984.

In 1989’s Parliament & U.P. Assembly election it got 3 Member Parliament & 13 M.L.A. from U.P.

 In 1992 Midterm Polls-it got only one M.P. (Reeva, M.P.) & 12 M.L.A. from U.P. Later Kanshi Ram ji got elected from Etawa by election and Mohan Singh Phaliawala from Ferozpur (Punjab). It got two MLAs from Dev Talab & Pamgarh (M.P.)

 In 1993, the party won 67 MLAs from Uttar Pradesh; most of them were Eastern U.P. & Bundel Khand. It may be noted that Mayawati was made in charge of Western U.P. and given 44 tickets to distribute but she miserably lost all the 44 seats. The men who were instrumental for the winning of the 67 seats were shunted out of the party and Mayawati who brought double zero out of 44 seats was elevated and awarded Rajya Sabha Seat by none other that Kanshi Ram!

 On December 5, the SP-BSP (Bahujan) Government has taken over the reigns of Government in Uttar Pradesh. In this government only one Brahmin and Thakur was inducted to the Cabinet that was from SP (Mulayam’s Quota).

 On 16th December 1993, when the MLAs from the Brahminical Parties (BJP+Congress) had seen those persons (MLAs) sitting on Treasury Benches (The Chairs earmarked for Ministers) could tolerate and tried to rage them (SP+BSP MLAs) so that they continue with the governance of the state. But the trained lot of MLAs of BSP had thwarted their attempt by beating them severely. Next day, the Newspapers had carried big stories with bloodstained photographs of BJP MLA (Kesari Nath Tripathi).

 This incident had sent a deep message and sharp signals to the Bahujan Samaj that their days of sorrow and humiliation are over.

 Taking cognizance of this incident rather accident for them, the Brahminical forces spread over in different political and apolitical parties/organizations began to get united. They organized secrete meetings expressing serous concern over the incident ofLucknow. They were of the views that if this alliance is allowed to flourish they are bound to be beaten atBhopal,Patna,Calcutta,Bombay, Gandhi Nagar and finally inDelhi. Their fear was not baseless because we have our majority (85-90% population) in each and every part of the country and Uttar Pradesh was supposed to be a trend setter for the rest of the country. After so many meetings and deliberations, they have finally decided to dislodge this alliance of Dalits & Backward class communities to which the Muslims are the natural allies.


 The ill-fated night of 2nd June 1995:

It was on this ill-fated night of June 2 1995 that the flag of Ambedkarism , the hope of the millions poor and persecuted had been thrown away by breaking this holy alliance of Dalits & Backward class communities (SP+BSP) for unholy alliance of BJP+BSP). Our gullible masses could not understand the malicious intention of BSP leadership but rejoiced the new role of their so called “Devi”. The worst of everything was that the so called affluent and intellectual from amongst dalits could not take stock of this alarming situation (Sharp about-face) of the duo and kept on singing the songs in the praise of the lady.

 Shocking entry of the Caste Hindus elements to Bahujan Samaj Party.

 Taking advantage of the foolishness (Lack of understanding) of our people, the duo step by step has allowed the Bahujan movement to disintegrate and finally surrendered it to Brahmanism.

Whether the leaders, supporters and even workers of BSP are honest enough to answer…

1- Why the Government Orders were issued to dilute the effect of Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989? Why?

The Act’s application was made limited to the murder of a dalit or the rape of a dalit woman only that to it is found to be true on an inquest from the police, whereas it was earlier applicable on mere insult of a SC/ST member by a Caste Hindu!

2- It was not enough for the BSP’s Madame that she again issued another GO for reverse punitive action under Section 182 of Criminal Procedure Code against that dalit if the information of atrocity is found to be false through an inquest by Police Officials? Why?

3- Another GO was issued making prior permission of the District Magistrate concerned compulsory for the installation of the Statue of Our Messiah Baba Sahib Ambedkar? What happened to their slogan of “Jo JAMEEN SARKARI HAI, WO JAMEEN HAMARI HAI”? (We are bound to capture the government land as of ours).

4- Why K.R. Narayanan who opposed BJP openly on Constitution Review was not voted and supported for the second term by BSP Legislators?

5- Why Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde a Chamar fromMaharashtrawas not voted for the Vice Ptresidentship?

6- Why Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat who was responsible for the installation of MANU’s statue in the compound of Jaipur High Court was

    voted for Vice Presidentship.

7- Why the declaration of 50% reservation in sports in U.P. was withdrawn by Maya-government of U.P.?

8- Why campaigned for wanton-killer Sushil Kumar Modi of BJP in the last election of Gujrat?

9- Why Maya-Government has saved the Hindu terrorists- L.K. Adwani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti of BJP by not issuing a notification on Babari demolition?

10- Why the Caste Hindus were obliged/considered for BSP tickets who were responsible for butchering dalits and Muslims, that too at the cost of their own cadre who has spoiled themselves for bringing BSP to the fore?

11- Why Maya-Government has done virtually nothing for the restoration of Pattas (the piece of land) allotted to the landless SC/STs from 1975 onwards?

12- In order to exhibit her false administrative ability, why the dalit officers were mostly made scapegoats during Maya-regime in U.P.?

13- Why Kanshi Ram was divested of his Party Presidentship and from the trusteeship of Bahujan Foundation Trust’s property as well leaving him to succumb to his torture? Why he was compelled to remain on deathbed for almost a year and half?

14- Isn’t the history has been created by Mayawati by compelling the 96 year old mother of Kanshi Ram to even move to Supreme Court of India for the direction to have an access over her ailing son? By the way as to who is Mayawati to have such legitimacy over Kanshi Ram?

15- Why Mayawati has obliged her near relatives with the property of billions of rupees ignoring the basic needs of those who have spoiled themselves for the party?

16- Why the Bahujan Samaj was compelled to be looted in the name of the services/jobs, the issuances of gun-licenses and allotment of barren lands particularly to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes?

17- In order to create rooms for the Caste Hindu elements why the  missionary workers were shunted out of the Party?

18- Whether the Caste Hindus have transformed their mentality towards dalits, Tribes, Backwards, Muslims, Christians etc. as claimed my the Lady on her last birthday? She has claimed on her last birthday that the Caste Hindu youths have totally transformed their erstwhile ill-mentality against dalits and she will now induct them to this party of ours in a big way! Is it so?

19- Why the Brahminical lot like Satish Chandra Mishra, Rambir Upadhyay, Amarmani Tripathi, Thakur Jaiveer Singh, Markandey Singh, Sudhir Goyal have been blessed with the top positions in the party that too at the cost of our committed and dedicated missionary leaders/workers who spoiled themselves for years in building the Bahujan Samaj Party? 

20- Is there any other example in the annals of Indian Jurisprudence and perhaps in the world that a mother of 96 is compelled to run from pillar to posts to have an access over her ailing son?

 My dear dalit intellectuals,

Please examine the above points in its right perspective and tell the whole world that these are the principles on which this Party of the Bahujan Samaj was launched whereas the Republican Party of India was there? Please tell that this party has come into existence with the help and support of the money, mind and time of the Caste Hindus. Please let the whole world know that this party is the result of the struggle of the people from the Brahmincal lots. Honorable Kanshi Ram ji has once cautioned his followers about the possible sabotage and the destruction of the organization (Party) by the infiltration of the enemies of the oppressed and exploited Indians. He was afraid of the infiltration of the Caste Hindu elements into the party. Hon. Kanshi Ram ji also stressed, “I need leaders from the depressed classes to lead them (the depressed classes) and not outsiders or agent thereof. I believe such a leadership in continuity with the leadership provided by Mahatma Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Periar E.V. Ramaswamy Naiker, Naraina Guru, Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will have top emerge….”.

While writing the preface of his book “THE CHAMCHA AGE”, he has abundantly elaborated that the book was designed to make the masses especially the workers to distinguish between the genuine and the counterfeit leadership. Those who struggle to change the times, the Age, must know and understand the Age in which they are living and operating. But alas the Madame of BSP has created an army of Chamchas (the stooges)!

To withstand the Chamchas, Kanshi Ram jisais, “If you call some one Chamcha, he will not like it and is likely to against you”. He further added, “The Chamchas cannot operate on its own, the operator may hit you back with the Chamcha. We should, therefore, be prepared for the Chmacha attack. At any rate the Chmacha attack should not frighten us because a Chmacha is not a powerful or a deadly weapon. Besides we must aim at the hand that operates the Chamchas. If hit hard the Chmcha will fall. A fallen chamcha is absolutely harmless.

Whether the Caste Hindus have really transformed their mentality towards dalits, Tribes, Backwards, Muslims, Christians etc. as claimed my the Lady on her last birthday? She has claimed on her last birthday that the Caste Hindu youths have totally transformed their erstwhile ill-mentality against dalits and she will now induct them to this party of ours in a big way! Is it so? 

Now the question arises as to whether the Caste Hindu element has begun to cast their votes in the favor of a dalit/tribal/OBC/Muslim/Christian candidate of BSP particularly in reserved constituencies? I think not at all. Then where is the need of inducting the Caste Hindus to BSP?  Barring a few who arranged for or got initiated the withdrawal of the corruption cases against the lady or helping her in coming out of Kanshi-mania from High Court, no upper Caste element is ready to shun away his or her Caste (Superiority) arrogance.

You may be aware that no day passes in this non-violent Gandhian Socialist Country without an attack on the oppressed Castes including Muslim, Christian and killing them, demolishing and burning their houses/huts and raping their women by the oppressive upper Castes. Their government and their security forces always remain mute spectators. It rather used to help them in their evil designs. This state of the affair is likely to continue to be so as long as they are allowed to remain in power. The Poona Pact is responsible for the emergence of the slave from amongst us rather champions of our society.

With the unification of the dalit and Backward Castes with Muslims by virtue of SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh the Brahmincal knaves have been dying. The roots of Brahmanism have begun to dry.  The bureaucrats coming from Caste Hindus have sought for deputation to the centre or the other states. But the lady by hobnobbing with BJP (the deadly cobras) has spoiled the hard efforts made by our missionary people by extending their helping hand to Kanshi Ram. In order to demolish this alliance, a tragedy soap opera (The Guest House Episode) was enacted in which the lady was declared a winner and incarnated as a “DEVI OF DALITs” by making her the first dalit woman Chief Minister on the midnight of 2nd June 1995. Mayawati was not made Chief Minister of U.P. out of any love and affection but she was paid handsomely the price of breaking the alliance of SP-BSP. A VIBHISHANA was made the king of the kingdom of dalits. Baba Sahib Ambedkar has once said that if 35% Backwards Castes of Uttar Pradesh is to join hands with the Scheduled Castes of the state, the Brahmin like Mr. Pant (G.B. Pant) would like to feel proud in fastening the laces of your shoes. But this aspiration of our Messiah was blown to air by this over ambitious lady! The principle of 15/85 has proven futile! This fateful night was the turning point in the struggle of the poor and persecuted. This lady has virtually done nothing so far as the emancipation of the poor and persecuted are concerned but rather torn down the very instinct of unity amongst the dalits, tribal, Backward Caste and Muslims which was fast emerging out of the SP-BSP alliance. The untouchable party (BJP) was made touchable. And then there was a great rush rather mad rush for joining this untouchable Party. Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Yadav and the like followed suit.

It is worthwhile to mention that if the SP-BSP alliance was allowed to continue then Mr. Kanshi Ram would have been the Prime Minister of India by virtues of seats won by them (SP+BSP) in 1996 Parliament election. On 80 seats out of 85 in Uttar Pradesh the sum total of votes polled in favor of SP-BSP was more than the vote polled in favor of BJP. You might have remembered that Mr. H.D. Devegoda on the basis of 44 seats won by Janata Dal has become Prime Minister. Otherwise by winning 80 seats alone in U.P., Kanshi Ram would have been the ultimate choice for the apex position. Please do remember the vigorous beating of the BJP-Congress legislators in U.P. Assembly by BSP & SP legislators on 16th December 1993 when the first session of U.P. Assembly has commenced. Actually this beating has prompted the Brahmincal forces in BJP and Congress altogether to enact the Tragedy Soap opera (The Guest House Episode) inLucknow to cause the severance of the Holy-alliance.

One may exonerate the lady and her family amassing a lot of wealth just for the others has done so. Why?  The other leaders from amongst the Caste Hindus have not come to the fore by virtue of our money. They have emerged themselves. Moreover they are our enemy. To have enmity with our people is their bounden duty. But the leaders who emerged out of the money, mind and mettle of our people are accountable to us. We damn care for Pundit Sukh Ram, Jaylalitha, Atal, Adwani or even Sonia Gandhi who always try to emulate herself at par with Caste Hindu leaders and behaves accordingly.

We must be very much concerned for those who have been propped up by none other than our own poor and persecuted. At the time of initial struggle none from the upper Caste has come to the rescue of Kanshi Ram. In his struggle of the building Bahujan Samaj, the poor dalits have put everything of theirs at stake with Kanshi Ram. They came solidly behind Kanshi Ram. In his movement, on occasions, we have to face the wrath of the upper Caste Hindus and a lot amongst us have sacrificed their lives and forfeit their property. At that time Maya and her family was nowhere. The parents and brothers of Mayawati used to curse her for her intimacy with Kanshi Ram. At times, they have created obstacles in the way of Kanshi Ram. It would be out of place to mention that one Mr. Raju (Raj Kumar) the younger brother of Mayawati has arranged a country made pistol with the intention of killing both Mayawati and Kanshi Ram. Anyhow, the pistol was snatched from him and he was handed over to local police at Inder Puri Police Station,New Delhi. This can be seen in Police record of Inder Puri Police Station where Mr. Raju was severely beaten by the police that to at the behest of his sister Mayawati!

I, therefore, request all the concerned to have a thoughtful reading before coming to the conclusion. Unnecessary branding me a villain for nothing of my fault is neither good nor desirable for the intellectuals for whom our Messiah Baba Sahib Ambedkar has given a categorical definition. The lady have become darling to the illiterate and semi-literate amongst dalits not by virtue of her good deeds but just of her coming from a JATAV/CHAMAR community. That is all. But an intellectual is not supposed to be a mere camp follower to that lady. They are supposed to have reasons in view of her deeds or misdeeds. Even if anybody is there to prove me wrong in this write-up, I’m ready for any sort of subjugation! But an honest review is a must.

 Surprisingly, the affluent and intellectuals from amongst us had not only preferred mum but shamelessly supported the lady in her pursuits detrimental to Bahujan Samaj and its Movement!

 If our people particularly the affluent and intellectual section of our society (Bahujan Samaj) would have reacted sharply to the evil and devil designs of the duo on and after 3rd June 1995, they would not have dared to spoil the Mission of our Messiah and Movement built up by the people of Bahujan Samaj with bare feet and rare food in their stomach!

 June 3, 2005:

Installed her statue and her mentor Kanshi Ram during their lifetime! She had sent back Baba Sahib Ambedkar to the inconspicuous position by putting his statue behind that of their own! With this heinous act and omissions, she had degraded and debased the tall personality of Baba Sahib Ambedkar the Messiah of the millions!

 In future, if somebody ignorant will go to the so called “Prerna Kendra” will, have to first garland the duo and then Baba Sahib? What a manipulation?

 The other champions of Bahujan Samaj- Mahatma Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Periar E.V. Ramaswamy Naiker and Naraina Guru had been made gate keeper by installing their statues in and around the gate of the Kendra?

 What a shameless act?

 June 9, 2005: 

Finally BSP stood for the Brahmins and the welfare of the brahminical lots leaving nobody in any sort of doubt!

The lady has backtracked from her earlier slogans:


 Tilak Taraju aur Talwar

Inko maro joote chaar

 Jiski jitni sankhya bhaari

Uski utni bhagidari



 Haathi Nahin Ganesh Hai

Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh Hai?

 Jiski jitni Thaili Bhari

Uski utni hissedari?

 She alleged:

That Baba Sahib had married a Brahmin woman as such he was never up against Brahmins and the brahminical people!...Mayawati

What a manipulation by her!

 Regarding leadership, Kanshi Ram ji had said “I need leaders from the depressed classes to lead them (depressed classes), not outsiders or agents of outsiders. I believe such leadership in community with the leadership provided by Mahatma Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Ramaswamy Naiker, Naraina Guru, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will have to emerge…”

-Kanshi Ram

(The Week, June 1991)


Kanshi Ram also used to warn Bahujan Samaj to guard their votes as if it is their Beti (Daughters). Now the question arises as to who were the looters of the votes? Certainly they were none other than the Caste Hindus from whom the Bahujan Samaj has to protect their votes. Now the Cheli (disciple) of Kanshi Ram has since been serving the Caste Hindus with the votes/Beties of Bahujan Samaj!

  A word of caution from Kanshi Ram:-

“A word of caution about the possible sabotage and the destruction of the organization by the enemies of the oppressed and exploited Indians. This can be done either through infiltration of the 15% brahminical forces into the organization or through possible purchase of the functionaries”. 

 The Bahujan Samaj Party is now passing through this phase of infiltration by the 15% Brahminical forces led by Mishras, Upadhyas, Pathaks etc.

 Kanshi Ram once fed up with this lady had said that if I die in the morning the Party will be finished by the evening and if I die in the evening the Party shall finish by the next morning!


 B.S.P. now stands for Brahmin Samaj Party

BSP has now become Brahmin Samaj Party totally proved useless for the Bahujans. The Caste Hindu element against whom Our Messiah has advised us to wage an open war has since been flourishing! Bahujans in BSP has now become "Bhduve & Dalals" plundering our innocent people only. The new BSP is 'den' of the notorious criminals right from Hari Shanker Tiwari, Badshah Singh, Brijesh Singh, Rambir Upadhyay, Thakur Jai Veer Singh, Brijesh Pathak, Anna alian Arun Shanker Shukla, Anant Kumar Mishra (Antoo Mishra) and hundreds more! The lady has turned 'The Mission' into 'Commission'. She has made the Mission of our Mesiah's upright down. What happened to its earlier slogans?
More over if anybody desires to see the real face of BSP are welcome to U.P

 We would like to question when one son or daughter is sufficient enough to carry over the name of the family and old age support, then why people have second, third, fourth and so on.... Just because of the fear of loosing the earlier one. In other words people would like to have alternative options to run the family affairs then why we are afraid of an alternative in politics which is as necessary as the safety n security of our family.

30 million Brahmins in India have more than 300 hundred political parties then why you people are afraid of just another one belonging to more than 100 million Bahujans of India?
You may soon realize that BSP is a sinking ship in its place of rulings i.e. Bahujans of U.P. has now come to realize that this lady is totally entrapped in notorious Brahminical trap as such become useless, worthless and detrimental for the Bahujan Samaj. So far as U.P. is concerned BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) is nowhere but the transformed BSP (Brahmin Samaj Party/Balatkari Sarvjan Party) is flourishing like anything. Oh yes there are a few commission agents (Bhaduve & dalals) belonging to Bahujan Samaj are busy in plundering Bahujan Samaj only! The government is being run by the notorious Caste-Hindus in U.P.

The alternative.....

BSS Monogram


 From time immemorial, as we understand, Dalit upsurge (Movement) has remained a short-lived phenomenon and the brahminical forces have cunningly succeeded in overshadowing it. We know that ours is a divided house and a victim of social system of graded degradation, devised and imposed on our society by the brahminical forces under their policy to divide and fool to rule. Our innocent ancestors were trapped in their vicious circle of Bhagwan (Gods), Bhagya (fate), Swarg (Heaven), Naraka (Hell) and Punarjanma (Rebirth) and remained in shackles for generation after generations. Thus enslaved mentally, they could not get rid of it and generation after generation, used to bring and brought up this foster -child of Brahmanism. There was no respite of this bondage nor have our people ever tried to get out of it.

  It is the pertinent question, as to how all this happened and practiced for centuries?

 One can make fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but one cannot make fool all the people all the time”, as has been said by Abraham Lincoln. To our utter surprise and astonishment, our ancestors have been set forth a peculiar example of being fooled for centuries by this little bunch of brahminical knaves. There would have been certainly a central force of the Aryans behind the sustenance of this oppression and suppression. It was not the intellect of the oppressor but the foolishness of ours is responsible for this state of ours. The fear psycho of their Bhagwan (Gods), Bhagya (fate), Swarg (Heaven), Naraka (Hell) and Punarjanma (Rebirth) compelled them to continue with abdominal thralldom. This has been undertaken by the vicious system led by RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh). This central force of their intellectuals and the youth have kept themselves busy and devising the mechanism of despising the million of this country by way of imposing their rites and rituals, traditions, customs and usage’s etc. When we have tried to raise our voice against their system, we have been terrorized subjecting to harassment, humiliation and even victimization for nothing but the stigma of caste inflicted on us. It does not matter whether we are educated and well placed.

  These brahminical forces have identically treated the religious minorities, particularly, the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs. The reasons are obvious, that the Muslims of India did not come fromSaudi Arabia,TurkeyorIran. They’re mostly pre-Aryan Dravidians (dalits). They got themselves liberated through Islam. And so the Christians, the Sikhs and the Buddhist of India are not the outsiders but the original inhabitant of this land of ours.

  The 1984 carnage of the Sikhs (Operation Blue Star and thereafter) and theDecember 6, 1992demolition of the historic Babri Masjid was nothing but the part of the grand design of Brahminical knaves to terrorize the religious minority of the country. The rabid Hindu organizations have been vigorously and periodically resorting to the violent communal riots on the Muslims, Christians, Buddhist and the Sikhs. Thus the ultimate aim of these rabid Hindu organizations is to enforce Hindu dictatorship before which Hitler’s Nazi rule will pale into insignificance. The brahminical dictatorship, if establish or politically empowered, will crush the backward (dalits) castrate the Muslims and the other religious communities.


 After the Independence and even after the departure of Baba Sahib Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar, the dalit movement has taken its prominence in the form of R.P.I etc., but it too faded away and finally subsided, the reasons are best known to one and all. The same way Dravidian -movement of the south has lost its luster. Why does this always happen to our movement and attempts? Why our efforts for uniting ourselves are being foiled and prevented before we could regain our lost glory? We lack a central organization of intellectuals and the youths as is the case with brahminical forces, which can undertake policy planning and its implementation, issue directions to its cadre and above all generate the future leadership of the country and Bahujan Samaj in particular. In the absence of such central organization, the Bahujan Samaj failed to produce quality leadership except a few like Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Narayana Guru, Perrier E.V. Ramaswami Naiker, Baba Sahib Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar.

  Though it is an uphill task to have un-saleable leaders from amongst the saleable society of ours due to extreme poverty, but not impossible at all. It can be achieved through the discipline and courage by providing physical and missionary training to it’s cadre and instill in them the spirit of renunciation and sacrifice, selflessness and dedication towards our men & Mission. Firm determination and commitment to the cause are the keys to success. The multiplicity of our problems can be resolved through multitudinous of the missionary central organization having practical approach.

  The onus has naturally fallen on the shoulders of the intellectuals and the youth belonging to the Bahujan Samaj to rescue their society from the century old shackles of slavery. For this purpose, this up coming section of the society has to bring up unity amongst the several factions and different castes and creed to make a perfect Bahujan Samaj with the cement of brotherhood.

  Now, it is high time to have a disciplined organization of ours which must be committed for theMissionand help in achieving it’s grandeur of past and win back it’s lost empire. We always find such brahminical organization, the source, the force and the brain behind every brahminical move and movements to keep them at the helm of affairs though they are very few in numbers, hardly about 10% of the total population. It is really the shame on us for giving shoulders to Brahmanism!

  When we try to find out as to why the Hindu Micro Minority is at the helms of the affairs even after Independence with democracy as the mode of governance, we come to realize that they have their controlling organization in RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) which is responsible for policies and planning’s and also find out ways and means to as to how to divide and fool to rule. They have the power to punish the guilty of their own. This is their blessed organization empowered to punish the guilty of their own. Shanker Singh Baghela, Madan Lal Khurana, Sahab Singh Verma, Kalyan Singh etc. are the living example.  But we don’t have such controlling authority to set right Paswans, B.P. Mauryas, Kanshi Rams, Mayawatis, Jatiyas, Bangarus etc. who used to put their society at stake for their personal gain and image. They hardly matter and bother for the poor and persecuted.  Having sold themselves our at the hands of their Brahminical knights and become the three apes of Gandhi on the atrocities being resorted to our people. Even Bahujan Samaj Party, which once upon a time was a force to recon with, has become the darling of Advanis and Bajpayees. In absence of any viable alternative, the helplessness has become thy name of Mayawati (BSP) so far as our poor Bahujan Samaj is concerned. Though we have thousands of our organizations registered with the Registrar of the Societies inIndiabut of no reckoning. They are just like rainy season frogs, which come out once or twice to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti and banish. At this juncture, there was a dire need of an organization of ours like RSS.


You need not to be worried and disappointed any more, as for all its practical purpose BSS (Bahujan Swayamsewak Sangthan) is there to fill up the void. The BSS will provide a strong defense line to our society to thwart away any attempts from the brahminical forces and stooges (Chamchas) thereof.


 We appeal to the intellectuals, the youth and the students to join hands to strengthen BSS for its struggle for SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION ECONONIC EMANICIPATION AND LIBERATION FROM MENTAL SLAVERY”. We would also appeal to our women folk to give their brothers; sons and a husband a free hand for the purpose, so as to enable BSS win back its past glory of MAURYAN EMPIRE. We are sure the BSS, if so strengthened, will certainly prove its mettle.

This organization is a Cadre based organization strictly consisting of the S/Cs, S/Ts. OBC (Scheduled Backward Castes), Muslims, Christians of India and abroad and also strictly representing and standing for their cause. There is absolutely “NO Entry” for the oppressors coming from the Caste-Hindu fold.

Name and composition of the organization

 The name of the organization shall be “Bahujan Swayamsewak Sangthan”, herein after be known as BSS. BSS mean organization of the of educated and employed in government service or in private/public sector or a professional in practice or an entrepreneur coming from the S/Cs, S/Ts, OBC and the religious minorities in India

BSS shall be a non-religious and non-political organization

Aims and objects:

The primary aim and objects of BSS shall be to carry out the works and efforts initiated and propagated by Matama jyotiba Phule,Sahu Mahraj, Narayan Guru, Periyar E.V.Ramaswami Naiker, Baba Saheb Dr. Bheemrao Ramji Ambedkar towards the upliftment of the down trodden people and the other weaker sections of the society especially the S/Cs, S/Ts, OBC Muslims, Bouddh, Sikh and Christians of the country. It shall instill the feelings of pay back to the oppressed, suppressed and exploited society in its cadres and mainly work for “Social transformation, economic emancipation and liberation from mental slavery”. It will try to build upIndia of the vision of Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar. It would also like to seek the right to self-determination for its people so as make them decide their own fate and let them live at their will in this country.

In order to achieve its aims and objective the BSS shall undertake the following activities:

a)  It shall undertake BSS Brotherhood and Adoption programs, Medical Aid and Advice programs, Legal Aid and Advice program and Education Programs based on the Commandments of Baba Sahib Ambedkar..

b)  It shall undertake the production and distribution of BSS literature and establish social awareness libraries.

 c)   It shall undertake Parliamentary Liaison and DATA Collection programs and Liaison and Co-ordination with other social organizations.

 d)  It shall enlighten the industrial and agricultural laborers and also enlighten, encourage and motivate the students, the youths and the ladies and instill in them the feelings of discipline and service toward the society by conducting Cadre/Training Camps to make them perfect “Bahujan Swayamsewak.”

 e)   It shall conduct seminars, conferences, corner meetings, Rallies to spread the ideals (aim and objects) of BSS.

 f)    It shall create it’s own media of publicity by publishing Newspapers, Magazines, Booklets, Leaflets, Journals and also undertake the production of films etc.(Audio Visual Publicity).

 g)  It shall establish “Employment Bureau” to guide, train and prepare individuals and the groups particularly for self-employment.

 h) It shall establish “Marriage Bureau” to help and guide the individuals and their parents for simple community/Mass marriage programs without the evil of dowry and superstitions.

 i)    It shall educate and prepare its people for wiping out their blot of Caste inflicted on them by Caste Hindus and make them dare to denounce the false, fabricated and fictitious notions of Hindu religion.

 j)    Finally it shall prepare its people for seeking their due share in the land, wealth and governance of the country.

 The Motto of BSS:

 The motto of BSS shall be “BAHUJAN SEVARTH, BAHUJAN RAKSHARTH” (To serve Bahujan Samaj and to protect Bahujan Samaj). It would be achieved through the spirit of Renunciation and Sacrifice. The BSS monogram is the symbol of “Bahujan Pariwar”.

 Mission BSS

 “The brahminical imperialists inIndiawant to remain our masters in the guise of their empty nonviolence and deceitful Nationalism so as to enjoy on the pillage of our land and wealth at gunpoint depriving us of our rights and liberty behind their trap of frightening our people of their false and fictitious religious notions and their imaginary Gods & Goddesses.


 We, the oppressed starving millions, Damn 'their' empty nonviolence and deceitful nationalism and dare and denounce their false and fabricated Gods & Goddesses, would like to seek our freedom and right of self-determination to decide our fate and to live at our will in this land of ours.

 This is nothing but our only long cherished sublimeMissionto be achieved through BSS



 The BSS cadet will have to wear prescribed uniform.

 Uniform for male cadets: Uniform for male cadets shall include half sleave shirt of white colour having shoulder flaps with BSS shoulder badge, blue half pant, blue barrette cap with BSS badge, Stares (*) black leather belt, blue socks with black leather boots.

 Uniform for Female Cadets: Uniform for female cadets shall include half sleeve kurta of white colour having shoulder flaps with BSS shoulder badge, blue salwar, blue dupatta, blue round barrette cap with BSS badge, (*) black leather belt, blue socks with black canvas shoes,

  Each BSS cadet shall have to have a Lathi of five feet in length,

  The BSS Cadets shall be awarded Stars provided he/she qualifies the tests prescribed by National Commander of BSS.

  Bhai Tej Singh, 



 Its ideologue & originator Bhai Tej Singh shall be the commander in chief of BSS.


 The National Headquarters of BSS is at:

 304 Mandakini Enclave,

 Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019