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   Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP)AMBEDKAR SAMAJ PARTY ASP Urdu 

Manifesto ASP      For me the Bahujan Samaj Party was nothing but a socio-political Movement dedicated to its people for their politically empowerment to do away with their abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and perpetual wretchedness.

       Perhaps it may not appear for many onlookers who have hardly done anything for the building of the so called Dalit Party that it was incredible Kanshi-Maya who has not only mortgaged the Bahujan Movement but sold it out to its enemies. How one could believe that the duo will take a sharp about turn when they used to ask the Caste Hindu elements to leave while addressing big rallies? One may remember that Kanshi Ram used to ask the Brahmins, thakurs and Baniyas to leave the place before delivering his speech. Same way the lady (Mayawati) used to say “CHAMARI HUN, KUWARI HUN-TUMHARI HUN in the beginning of her speech. Means, the lady used to claim herself a Chamari by Caste and a virgin also. She used to pledge herself for the people present over there. The workers who have ranted the air with the slogans like “Tilak, Taraju aur Talwar; Inko maro Jute Char” was afraid of their fate. Clearly, it appeared a mischief of the duo who on several occasions has openly termed the Congress Party and the Bhartiya Janata party a Saanp Naath and Naag Nath (A snake & a Cobra). The slogans used to be chanted by the poor dalits, backward Caste People-Vote Hamara, Raj Tumhara Nahin Chalega-Nahin Chalega (You can no more rule with our votes); 15 par 85 ka Shasan-Manjoor Nahin-Manjoor Nahin (The rule of the 15% Caste Hindus over 85% Bahujan Samaj is not acceptable, is not acceptable) and the like…..

          It was totally unbelievable that the man who has given flying colors to Ambedkar Mission may deviate from it. Having extended my helping hand for more than a decade with the solitary hope of Bahujan Samaj becoming ruling Samaj we have put everything of ours at stake.  While working rather arranging money for Kanshi Ram through BAMCEF, we were taught to keep distance with the reactionary forces led by Congress and BJP.  For Bahujan Samaj Party, we used to convince our people- the ‘Party’ of the Bahujan Samaj, by the Bahujan Samaj and for the Bahujan Samaj. The so called party of the dalits i.e. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was the outcome of the principle of “Pay Back to society” and toiling efforts of Bahujan Samaj predominated by Chamars of north, Mahars of Vidarbha (Maharashtra), Adi-Dharmis of Punjab and Namshudra of Bengal. Honestly, it was not our intention to create another Political Party whereas a few are already there. On several occasions while building this party its workers had to face bloody struggle. It may be noted that Mr. Dau Ram Ratnaker, then Chief of Madhya Pradesh and Aman Kumar Nagra was very badly beaten and fractured by the Caste Hindus.  The BSP workers were accustomed to listening sarcastic and abusive remarks from the Caste Hindus which sometimes led to altercation and then bloody struggle.

        One can now easily perceive the state a man who has passed through all these ignominies that too for years by putting everything of him for it. Imagine as to what will happen to a crazy man who damn cared for his life and his lucrative job.  The catastrophe of 2/3rd June in 1995 (Lucknow Guest House) has left the missionary workers like me stunned. The happenings following this catastrophe were beyond imagination for the committed workers who used to learn and practice the principle of 15/85 preached by their leader. With this sharp about turn and the afterward happenings has proved that BSP leader or his mate Maya has nothing to do with the movement espoused by Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar but they proved themselves jugglers who befooled the whole Bahujan Samaj for their personal gains. Their slogans were nothing but tricks of theirs which entrapped our poor people completely. For them the lady has virtually done nothing even than she is being regarded as “Devi” (proud) by our poor people just for her Caste i.e. Chamari. Though, the lady has now denounced herself to be called a Chamari.

Under the situation and circumstances, I was in dilemma as to what to do or what not? I was of the firm opinion that the things are not moving smoothly so far as our Missionwas concerned. After the midnightof 2nd June 1995, I could not move out of my room for over a week. Nothing was left for our face-saving as we used to teach the workers in different places of North Indian states particularly Uttar Pradesh through cadre classes. The BSP leadership by their actions and omissions had turned their original concept of 15/85 upside down.  

       Almost after remaining in dilemma for over a week, one fine morning I got up from my drowsiness and found as if somebody is asking me to get up and do something! I immediately called for my wife and my children and told them that I have almost spent half of my life in rearing them and fulfilling all of their needs. I further told them that the situation and circumstances are so warranted me to take up the thrown away mission of Baba Sahib Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar and take up its unfinished projects. I cautioned them not to aspire for luxuries but be contented with dal-roti (Ordinary food stuff). There shall be no dearth of this ordinary food-stuff if I have been able to pursue the Mission Projects honestly. I told them of the urgencies which compelled me to leave them. “Being very dear and near to me, I desire for your cooperation in my mission, if not, please do not try to create obstacles in my way, I have now decided to adopt austerity (the life of a fakir) I added them finally and frankly.” At this, there were tears in the eyes of wife and children who promised me to extend their full cooperation even if they have to go without food!

        It was more than enough for me to continue with my mission projects. But the roads were not so smooth for me to run. The whole society particularly the chamars were drenched and dancing over their sorrow in disguise totally unaware of the outcome of the mischief played with them.  Really it was very difficult time of my life. I could neither keep quiet nor continue.  There was none to endeavor me to listen. The backing of my family was more than enough. For three months, I have desperately toured the country to find out some like minded from amongst the erstwhile BAMCEF stock but in vain. I found some of them to be worried about the happenings atLucknowbut not ready to move. I came backDelhiand called a meeting of some handful lieutenants and discussed the whole issue in detail. I told them that we have to fly against the winds which may risk and cost us our lives for the survival of the Ambedkarite Movement. I made them realize of their respectful existence was not there if our Messiah was not to struggle for us. If we fail to come out positively for the mission at this juncture, our posterity will never forgive us. After having received a positive nod from them, we have discussed our future plans at length. Before we could come to the conclusion, we have also given due thought as to why our enemies (Caste Hindus) though Micro-Minority is successful in this land of ours that too while democracy are there. During the course of our discussion, we could be able to find out the secret of their success. Their success despite democracy in the country purely based on their “System of sustenance” led by their spearhead organization-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) with hundreds of its accomplice organization. Please do refer to our Cadre Charts for the purpose.

            Finally we come to the conclusion of having a System of our own at par with their system under RSS. We have launched BSS (Bahujan Swayamsewak Sangthan), a non-political and non-religious organization, on 10th September 1995 from Dr. Ambedkar Foundation,25 Ashoka Road,New Delhi. We have made it abundantly clear that at no stage, the caste Hindu will be allowed to get in. Since no battle can be won without disciplined soldiers as such we have prescribed uniform for our Cadre which includes white T-Shirts with shoulder-flaps with brass monograms on it, a blue knickers, blue barrette cap with BSS inscription thereon and black shoes. Apart from our programs, we have been conducting weekly Camps/parades of our cadre wherever we have been able to make inroads.

            It was in November 1998, we have planned to conduct a “BICYCLE MARCH’ from Delhi to Ayodhya (U.P.) in observance of Mahaparinirvana Divas (death anniversary) of our Messiah. We have to address a lot of meetings and thousands of our workers were to join the march en route. To this effect a lot of publicity has been made through the posters and pamphlets of “AYODHYA KOOCH”. There was a lot of enthusiasm amongst the workers of BSS and Muslims were also keen to join it. Our target was to gather about 50000 odd workers to let the Hindu fundamentalist know that under no circumstances the Rama Temple is allowed to be created over there. Coincidently it was the day of demolition of Babari Mosque also. The BJP governments both at Lucknow and Delhi have taken cognizance and clamped “Red Alert” in the whole state right from the date of departure i.e. 27th November 1998. When a strong contingent of about 250 volunteers of BSS have crossed over the Delhi-UP boarder, were arrested and lodged inGhaziabad’s Dasana Jail. As the news of our arrest has spread like wildfire, thousands of our workers have thronged upon toGhaziabad. When this movement of ours has begun to take alarming shape, the U.P. Government has shifted us toMeerut and lodged with the Juvenile Jail, the part of historical Meerut Central Jail.

            In this Jail we were greeted by its Deputy Jailor Mr. V.K. Mishra as if its leader (Tej Singh) belongs to thakur (Kshatriya) community. He might have taken cognizance of name (Singh) which is the sole property of thakur clan of Kshatriyas in eastern U.P. Very next day, as a matter of tradition and practice the Mulaiza (introduction) was conducted in the Jail by its Deputy jailor Mishra, a Brahmin. Since all the detainees were Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward Caste and Muslims, Mr. Mishra has left the Mulaiza site in disgust to the junior officials.

            After that Mishra has played mischief. He has disturbed our food etc. One day when our detainee colleagues were not served food up to2 O’clockin the evening, we lost our patience and severely beaten V.K. Mishra, the in charge Deputy Jailor with shoes. The siren of the jail has ranted the air. A lot of policeman gathered over there including the top brasses ofMeerutpolice and district administration. Instead of taking any oppressive measures against us, the Deputy Inspector General of Police has come with folded hand and felt sorry of the state of affairs in Jail. He ordered the jail authorities to arrange to provide/serve the best food stuff to the detainees. After this episode we were being served good food that too at our will and willingness! What a miracle!

            After this miracle in Meerut Central Jail, we were compelled to think as to what proper use of the shoes could be done. It is an old adage that he who has power in their shoes, the whole world is bound to vow before him. Perhaps, it was very first time that a Brahmin officer (A deputy jailor) has tasted shoe-beating at the hands of the so called low caste people that too in Jail. We have decided as to how to use this shoe power for the greater interest of our society. It was 6th December 1998, when we have to observe the Parinirvana Divas of Baba Sahib in Meerut Central Jail wherein we have announced the formation of our youth wing which was accordingly named “Rashtriya Joota Brigade” (RJB). It was also a matter of pleasure that the first revolt against the British Rule inIndia had took place in the same Jail with the remarks of Mata Deen, a sweeper. The history was re-written in the same Jain after 140 years but this time it was the revolt against the oppression of the caste Hindus.

            After the formation of Rashtriya Joota Brigade (RJB), our volunteers have continued with the good work of the mobilizing our people for Ambedkarite Movement. Till date, BSS itself was an attraction for our people as it was taking shape at par with RSS. Rashtriya Joota Brigade was another jewel in the crown of this Ambedkarite Movement. Slowly but steadily, the activities of these organizations have also begun to attract the Muslims and the Christian masses. A uniform of Red shirt with shoe-Mono on its pocket, black pant and a black scarf tied around head was also prescribed for the volunteers of RJB. The attraction towards thisMissionhas now become visible amongst our people. They questioned our volunteers as to which political party is to be voted and supported. This was a baffling question which has put us in dilemma as to which party should be adopted or co-opted and hinted accordingly. Being the man of movement and student of 15/85 theory, it was not possible for us to direct our people to vote and support for the party which has brahminical elements i.e. Caste Hindus in abundance. It was also not possible for us to adopt BSP which compelled us to take up the movement from zero. Otherwise also, this so-called party of dalits has by now totally deviated from its earlier commitments, policies and programs of Ambedkar Mission. Republican Party of India has developed so many fractions and so far the North Indian States are concerned, it has been fast approaching its extinction. This party of ours too has the Caste Hindu elements in abundance which is our main cause of concern.

            Second time in my life, I was really in big dilemma and pressure from our people this time. On one side, the question of supporting any Brahminical party out of the so many prevalent doesn’t arise. On the other hand the BSP leadership has spoiled the very rationale of its formation rather it has either been branded as Bhojan Samaj Party (to eat drink and be marry) or Brahmin Samaj party for its undue importance to Brahmins and other caste Hindus who otherwise were used to be the sworn-enemies of Bahujan Samaj.

            The situation, circumstances and the need of the hour has again compelled us to call for an assembly of our people. We have organized a big gathering in the name of a “VIKALP SAMMELAN” at Lucknowon 27th June 1999 in which apart from our own cadre intellectuals like V.T. Rajshekhar, Editor Dalit Voice participated. After a long and fruitful discussion and deliberations, a need of a fresh political party for the Bahujan Samaj as an alternative to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was strongly felt. The participants of the “SAMMELAN” were fervent enough and expressed their concern the way the BSP leadership was moving ignoring the very need of our people and movement. It has been dancing to the tune of the Brahminical elements that have by now developed a caucus around the lady zeroing Kanshi Ram in the party.


At the end of the daylong deliberations, a resolution adopting Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP) as an alternative political Party for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backwards Caste, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians was passed. With the emergence of Ambedkar Samaj Party, we shall try to fulfill the wishes of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar by capturing political power which is the master to all the success. It may be noted that Baba Saheb had said, “Political power is the master key by which each and every lock of success is opened”. Ambedkar Samaj Party shall try to win back our lost glory of Mauryan Empire at our own by keeping distance from our sworn enemy i.e. brahminical knaves. Under no circumstances, the brahminical element will be allowed or awarded its tickets. This party has become the part of our system perceived to counter the system led by RSS. Thereafter, other organizations under BSS have been emerging to bring each and every person of Bahujan Samaj under its influence and to making everybody responsible for our society.

 Apart from the above three main organizations Ambedkar Student Front (ASF), Dr. Ambedkar Association of Advocates (AAA), KRANTIKARI MAHILA MORCHA (KMM) commemorating the brave dalit lady Phoolan Devi, Mahatma Phule KISAN Morcha (MKM) Ambedkar Employees Federation (AEF) and Bahujan Majdoor Mahasangh (BMM) in commemoration of a Tribal leader Birsa Munda have emerged. These organizations have since been working under the supervision of BSS, the mother organization of this movement. Any deviation from theMission and Movement is severely punishable by Rashtriya Joota Brigade. There is absolutely “No Entry” of the Caste Hindu element in any of the above organization or any organization under BSS. With this system of ours, we are bound to fulfill our long cherished sublimeMission.

Aims n objectives:-

(a)              The principles of which the Association or Body is based:

The principles of ‘Ambedkar Samaj Party’ shall be to carry out the works and efforts initiated and propagated by Mahatma Jyotiba Rao Phule, Shahu Maharaj, Periar E.V. Ramaswamy Naikar and Baba Sahab Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar towards the upliftment of the down trodden and other weaker sections of society especially the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Castes and the Religious Minorities of India. It shall also work for “social transformation, economic emancipation and liberation from mental slavery”. It shall take up all round development of the country. It shall also bring uniform education policy and uniform Industrial policy with special attention and consideration for the weaker sections of the society. It shall pay special attention towards the farmers, laborers, women, and children so as to bring all round development of the country. It shall enforce land reforms and labour welfare policy. It shall adhere to secularism, socialism, democracy and uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India. It shall try to bring ‘Three Languages Formulas’ for different states & the UnionTerritories. It shall work for providing employment particularly self-employment. It shall bring due amendments to the policies of Information & Broadcasting, Agricultural, and due attention shall be paid on Art & Culture. It shall try to build Indiaof the vision of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

(b)              The policies, aims and objectives it pursue or seek to pursue:

Ambedkar Samaj Party shall try to provide “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” to the weaker sections of the society. It shall bring uniform education policy and uniform and free health services to all. It shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity ofIndia. It shall try to get the Constitution of India implemented in its words and spirit.

 (c)              Its program, functions and activities for the purpose of carrying out its principles, policies, aims and objects:

(i)  It shall undertake ‘Medical aid & Advice’ Programs, Legal Aid & Advice Programs, Education for all programs.

(ii)    It shall create social awareness by procuring and distribution of literature.

(iii)           It shall undertake DATA collection and parliamentary liaison programs and coordination with other social welfare organizations.

(iv)            It shall enlighten industrial and agricultural laborers and also enlighten, encourage and motivate students, youths and ladies and instill in them the feeling of discipline, patriotism and service to the society.

(v)               It shall conduct seminars, conferences, cadre camps to spread the ideals (Aims, objects, principles, & policies) of Ambedkar Samaj Party. It shall also          hold Rallies and conventions to propagate the ideals of the Party.

(vi)            It shall create its own media of publicity by publishing newspapers, Magazines, Booklets, leaflets, Journals, and also undertake the production of films (Audiovisual publicity).

(vii)          It shall establish “Employment Bureau” to guide, train and prepare individuals and groups preferably for self-employment.

(viii)       It shall raise funds out of membership fee, monthly/annual contributions, donations etc. to meet the expenses to be incurred in carrying out the aims, objects, policies and principles of the Party.

(ix)           It shall hold acquire and disposes of moveable and immovable properties. All the incomes and earnings coming out of the moveable/immovable property shall be solely utilized towards the promotions of the aims, object, policies and principles so as to set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or any other manners whatsoever to the present or the past members of the Party or to any person claiming through any one or more present or past members of the Party shall have any claim on any moveable or immovable property or make any profit whatsoever by virtue of this membership.





 Ever since our country has got independence from the control of the British, it has gone in the hands of the same lot of the people whose ancestors have made the majority of the people of this country under subjugation to the extent of abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and resorted ignominious atrocities by treating them untouchables and brought them below par that of the animals. Therefore, it has proven futile to trust their progeny to undertake welfare schemes for the poor and persecuted humanities. That is why the common man and communities branded as low by virtue of their birth have still standing on the point where the British have left them in 1947.

In accordance with the provisions of the democracy as enshrined in the Constitution of India drafted by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the government is supposed to be elected directly from the people; therefore, it is the compulsion on their part to go to the people to beg  their votes and support that too with folded hands.

It is really a miracle that in the country of disparity and discrimination based on the Caste, the Caste-Hindus, the affluent, influential and even the mafias are compelled to come before Dalits (SC/ST/OBCs) the erstwhile untouchables with folded hands and forced to be on their feet just for the sake of their votes! It is just because they want to remain at the helms of the affairs in this this country of ours. They understand that they do not have the requisite numerical strength so as to enable them to have political power. Without political power any person or personality is reduced to the status of a mere dog!

In order to remain at the helms of the country, they used to go to the people with rosy promises but after elections they never come back or fulfill their promises made to the people. They are well aware of the electoral corruption, they may come back to power that is why they used to indulge in money making all by unfair means that too at the cost of the votes of our people! The Congress Party which almost all the times barring a few exception has remained in powers with the votes of Dalits and Minorities especially Muslims but hardly have done anything for this very section of the society rather they have not fulfilled the quota of reservation in Government services as enshrined in the constitution of India on either this or that pretext. The Congress Governments at Centre and the states as well have denied Dalits their due relying on the slogan “NOT AVAILABLE for 25 years and thereafter NOT SUITABLES. They come to the people with rosy-promises but never come back to fulfill their promises. Every time they used to go to the people with new promises and slogans to deceive them. Now they have resorted to corruption and didn't hesitate greasing the palms of the voters! 

So far as the Muslims are concerned, the Congress Governments have miserably failed to deliver anything good for them too rather it has virtually reduced them to the level below that of level of Dalits. It has almost eliminated Muslims from Government services. The Congress Party didn’t contained himself but made the Muslims at receiving end by brandishing them as “TERRORISTs” and arbitrarily lodging Muslim youths in lock ups and jails and resorting to even fake encounters to terrorize the whole Muslim community.

During the decade of 70, Indira Gandhi has given the slogan of “GARIBI HATAO” but in her regime the gareebs (Poor people) were reduced to suffer most. She never clarify as to who has made the masses of India poor by divesting of their livelihood.

The duo, V.P. Singh and Ramvilas Paswan coined the slogan of “Social justice” but didn't explain as to who resorts to social injustice on whom? If Mr. V.P. Singh would have clarified to reveal that his own community man (Thakurs)  who used to resort to injustice on the socially weaker sections of the society especially Dalits, tribal and even the poor Religious Minorities like Muslims and Christians then he would have to become the target of his nonsense mischievous slogan ‘Social Justice’!

At the fag end of the 20th century, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has given the slogan of “Ram, Roti & Insaaf”, they too miserably failed to deliver anything good to the people. His Ram fell flat during their regime as the people by and large has nothing to do with their so-called ‘King Ram of Ayodhya ’. They also miserably failed to pacify the hunger of the poor and there are evidences on records to show that the poor in the regime of Atal Bihari Bajpayee succumb to starvation and so far as their Insaaf (Justice) is concerned, everybody knows that they are the embodiment of the injustice ever since the adventure of their ancestors (Aryans) to this land of ours! They have tried their best to spoil the Constitution of India by way of their intended “Constitution Review”. Any how the vigilant Dalits have come forward to save the Constitution of India as drafted by Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar!

Mayawati the so-called sister of Dalits rather that of the Caste-Hindus particularly that of the Brahmins who captured the power of U.P. State in 2007 on the same trick of false, fictitious and frivolous promises i.e. BHAYMUKTBHRASTACHAR MUKT & VIKASH YUKT, (Fearless Uttar Pradesh, Corruption Free Uttar Pradesh & Developed Uttar Pradesh” but the evidences are on records that nobody has ever realized to be safe and secure in the regime of the Lady! She couldn’t even protect her own community fellows i.e. the Dalits from atrocities resorted on them predominantly by the Caste-Hindus. There is a very long list of the atrocities/heinous crimes against Dalits in Maya-Mishra regime! It was too on the higher side when the cases of even rape and murders and other heinous crimes on Dalits were supposed to be settled clandestinely at the Police Stations with due connivances of local BSP leaders and police. The BSP leaders were used to be heard saying when a crime on Dalits is committed, “Bahanji’s government will fetch bad name if the case is registered!” Even she being a Woman , they were still rising crimes against women and especially Dalit Women and no action taken against the culprits and justice was not delivered to the victim. Instead she rubbed salt on the wounds of women by giving them meager monetary amounts.

The Lady who remained at the helms of the affairs of the Party (BSP) has become embodiments of crime and corruption. The world knows that the 96 years old mother of Kanshi Ram Mrs. Bishan Kaur and other family members and relatives were not allowed to have an access of ailing Kanshi Ram until or unless he was finally eliminated!

In order to make the U.P. State corruption free, the lady  at the helms of the affairs in the State has become the embodiment of corruption even her Cabinet Colleagues, her family members and other dears n nears have looted the State at ‘will’. There is a very long list of the scams in the State which were managed to be committed through her trusted Cabinet colleagues and faithful Civil Servants.

So far as the development of the State is concerned, she put up all her energy and resources of the State on erecting the statues and development of the parks! She has crossed all the limits of the patience of the people when she has erected her own statues, the statue of her mentor (ustad) Kanshi Ram in addition to the statues of her parents alongside the statues of Dalit icons! In this way she has demeaned & dishonored the tall personalities of Jyotiba Phule, Chatrapati Shahuji Maharaj and the Messiah of the millions- Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar!

Uttar Pradesh Lokayukta Justice N.K. Mehrotra has indicted over 199 persons, including two former Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ministers and very close accomplices of Mayawati, for allegedly siphoning off Rs. 1,410 crore of public money for the construction of parks and memorials when former chief minister Mayawati was in power. Those indicted include former BSP ministers Naseemuddin Siddiqui and Babu Singh Kushwaha, two former legislators, Sharda Prasad and Anil Kumar Maurya, sitting MLA Ramesh Chandra Dubey and 199 officials of various departments who supervised work on these projects.

In the last Assembly elections of 2012 in Uttar Pradesh, the Hindu Hirday Samrat Maulana Mulayam Singh Yadav has proven himself a ‘Master-mined’ and surpassed every political party and its leaders in making the manifesto of the baseless, false, fictitious and frivolous rosy-promises and grabbed political power with thumping majority. His promises to distribute laptops to the student who hardly know English language as Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav has opposed English language to be taught in U.P. Schools. All of his promises have fallen flat as his heir prince Akhilesh Yadav; the titular Chief Minister of U.P. has become talk of mockery in every household. The Baap-Beta’s Khandaani Government has miserably failed on each and every front and people of U.P. except some goons and his henchman flourished like anything leaving the common man crying hoarse in unbearable miseries! Even Their Lok Sabha Dalit MP’s tore up the Draft of the Promotions in Reservation Bill which has brought disrepute to Babasaheb Ambedkar and Dalits.

It is really a matter of great surprise that the same lot of the people has since been surviving in political power on their false, frivolous and fictitious though rosy-promises! But it should be our cause of concern. On the basis of our numerical strength, we ought to be the masters of our own but by virtue of the ignorance and lack of understanding we are divided to be fooled and ruled by our die-hard opponents who still do not see us (Dalits and Minorities)  eye to eye.

It is, therefore, shall be the endeavor of Ambedkar Samaj Party to do something concrete to make the people of India especially the poor n persecuted to be self-sufficient and self reliant in their basic and daily needs. The youth of the country should earn their livelihood instead of remaining at the mercy of the government for a few pennies and other lollypops. 


If voted to power, we shall-

  1.  Implement the Constitution of India in its word and spirit and enforce Rule of Law  so as to make the law abiding honest citizens of India safe & secure,
  2. Arrange to issue “Citizenship Cards” to every citizen of India so as to feel and realize them to be proud of being Indian citizens, This single card shall be sufficient enough to enjoy government facilities and make it mandatory for every citizen to keep them always as their proof of identity and proof of residence for all purpose.
  3. Shall honor Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution by declaring the day of his birth as the National Holiday and establishing Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Chairs and Master Degrees in Ambedkarism in all State as well as Central Government Universities.
  4. Shall bring out Indian currency coins/notes with the photograph of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar to honor this greatest personality who scripted the modern India by drafting the Constitution of India paving way for the political empowerment of the persecuted humanities in India and who was a famous economist in his times.
  5. Comprehensively review the Constitutional amendments ever since its inception, as various governments at Centre have tried to diminish the effect of the Constitution of India as drafted by Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar so as to deprive the millions of the poor and persecuted of their due,
  6. Enact stringent laws  to declare the crime of corruption as the crime against the nation and prescribe punishment accordingly,
  7. Comprehensively review the “Education Policy” to bring “Uniform Education Policy” for all so as to provide amicable and healthy atmosphere and environment under the same roof,
  8. Make compulsory and free education for all up to the standard of 10th standard,
  9. Discontinue Mid-day-Meal Scheme which is adversely affecting the quality of education and refrain entrusting any other task to the teaching staff other then teaching,

10. Try to bring every Caste and creed under the purview and policy of reservation in Educational Institutions as well as in employment in accordance with their population,

11. Try to break the barriers of disparity in every walks of the live of the citizen of India,

12. Ensure safety, security and basic amenities to Muslims, Christians, Anglo-Indians and other religious minorities so as to let them progress without any hindrance, Appoint Anglo-Indians in Ministerial Portfolios as they Leader Adv. Frank Anthony represented India at the First U.N. General Assembly and till date they have been only nominated rather than being elected.

13. Almost all the political parties which remained at the helms of the affairs either at State or at the Centre, have subjected the majority of the Muslims and other religious minorities to live under miserable and inhumane conditions that too below par that of Dalits as revealed by the findings of Sachar Commission, therefore Ambedkar Samaj Party shall make all out efforts to uplift their condition up to the living standard of the mainstream Indians,

14. Implement Mishra Commission Report so as to ensure reservation for Muslims in education and employment sector,

15. Implement Justice Nimesh Commission Report paving the way for the release of the innocent Muslims languishing in jails,

16. Since the Muslims constitute about 1/5th of Indian population evenly spread all over the country, Ambedkar Samaj Party shall make Urdu a second national language of the country and make it mandatory for all the Educational Institutions to include in the curriculum of their academic studies at School and college level.

17. Since the Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities are largely and predominantly converts from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes, therefore, it shall be the endeavor of Ambedkar Samaj Party Government to make all efforts for their special treatment so as to bring them at par with other mainstream nationals,

18. Enact law to enhance the limit of reservation beyond 50% so as to make way for every caste and creed to have their due placement in the government and Government Undertakings and try to extend it to the private sector as well,

19. Shall enact law to pave the way for Women’s Reservation earmarking due share of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Buddhists, Christian, Muslims and Sikh women in accordance with their share of population in the country and the will and wishes of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar,

20. Decrease the age of superannuation in Government service to generate employment in big way so as to accommodate the educated women and youth of the country in government and its undertakings,

21. Try to accommodate the willing superannuated employees in various fields of  life of the Indian citizens so as to make them aware of the Law of the land, government schemes, quality and competitive education and especially utilize their education and expertise in removing various hypocritical misconceptions, notions and traditions from the heart and souls of the gullible masses especially from the erstwhile Shudras (Dalits),

22. Put an effective control over the government officials to discharge their obligations towards the nation and its people honestly and make them responsible to work as guide for the people also,

23. Persuade the trade and industry of the country to accommodate the poor and  persecuted in their employment and also make them realize their social obligation towards the nation and its people,

24. Put restrictions on trade to limit profiteering and refrain them from carrying illegal activities of hoarding, adulteration…,

25. Arrange to provide  basic amenities for the peasants and agricultural laborers/workers necessary for carrying over the activities and try to make available electricity, water, fertilizers, diesel and agricultural implements at reasonable prices,

26. To put an end to the middleman culture between the farmers and traders so as to  ensure the fair price of their produce,

27. Strengthen “Cooperative Movement” to ensure work for every hand and house particularly that of the poor n persecuted,

28. Make available uninterrupted power supply to farmers and industrialists during their prescribed hours till the self-sufficiency in this field is achieved,

29. Shall checkmate the pilferage of government exchequer being endowed on certain people and group of people by way of the NGO culture and replace it  by “Cooperative Movement” i.e. multifaceted management and leadership,

30. Completely overhaul the police department so as to put an end to vulture-culture and barbarity in police establishments by making the police officials  honest and humanistic in their actions and approach,

31. Appoint legal officials in police stations so as to ensure implementation of law of the land in its words and spirit so that no culprit shall escape from the punishment and no innocent to be implicated in false and fictitious cases,

32. Appoint commissions / committees comprising of legal experts to review the pending Court cases so as to accelerate justice by removing false, fictitious and frivolous cases and releasing the innocents languishing in jails,

33. Strengthen anti-corruption department to rein in the government officials to make them responsible government servants,

34. Undertake election reforms to make the electoral process transparent and corruption free so as to bring it within the reach of common citizen of the country to produce quality and patriotic leadership/ legislatures of nation concerned,

35. Put an end to the monopoly of contractors/middleman in the field of Safai-karamcharies, the government shall bring the existing employees under the direct control of the government and ensure minimum wages earmarked for the unskilled and semiskilled laborers,

36. Initiate the process of nationalization of those private Educational, Banking,  Insurance and other institutions which fail to follow government policy and norms set forth by government on time to time so as to let the common man get benefited directly,

37. Shall be the endeavor of Ambedkar Samaj Party to make all  out efforts to create an  atmosphere of peace and harmony on and around Ayodhya to get transferred the land to the Muslims so as to enable them to reconstruct a Grand Mosque in situ and dedicate it to the memories of the Great Mogul Emperor Babar and let it open to the Muslims of the world so as to make them take pride in offering Namaj in it,

38. Render financial help to rejuvenate the neglected Buddha Viharas, Madarsas and Hostels especially the Ambedkar Hostels meant for the Dalits, Muslims, Other Religious Minorities and other backward communities so as to make them worthwhile for learning, Help in reconstructing Churches that were destroyed in Kandhamal of Phulbani District in Odisha.

39. Shall do away with the derogatory “Dronacharya Award” which is an embodiment of deceit and insult to our Tribal community,

40. Shall make all out efforts to upgrade the living standard of otherwise Vulnerable Anglo Indians and other marginalized de-notified, nomadic ,and semi-nomadic tribes  by rendering all sort of assistance so as to bring them to mainstream Indians citizens.

  1. 41.  Shall make the government official concerned responsible if any Indian citizen  above the age of 18 years do not find his /her name in the electoral rolls,

42. Shall try to undertake Caste-wise enumeration (Census) so as to bring actual  figures of each and every community in India,

43. Shall ensure that no further divisions of the Indian states be undertaken,

44. Shall bring certain marginalized Castes and communities from the OBCs to the Schedule of the Castes and Tribes by adding their percentage of population in reservation,

45. Shall review the Government schemes which instead of making development of  the area and welfare of the people encourages corruption,

46. Shall constitute a National Commission to review the judgments adversely affecting the jurisprudence and brought bad name to it,

47. Shall repeal UAPA and other draconian laws,

48. Shall stand by the poor and persecuted especially the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc. in every walks of their lives,

49. Shall amend the Article 341 of Constitution of India to accommodate Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities for the purpose of reservation by  repealing Para 4(3) of the Constitution Amendment (The Scheduled Caste) Order 1950 which unnecessarily brandished The Schedules Castes as Hindu for the purpose of reservation.

50. Shall include all the provisions of reservation in 9th Schedule of the Constitution of India so as to bring reservation policy of the government beyond the purview of the judiciary.