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Jai Ambedkar


Ambedkar Samaj Party 

State Bank of India

GK-II, New Delhi-110048

A/c 32120305011

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Ambedkar Karmchari Mahasangh (AKM)



(Under Article 19(1)C of the Constitution ofIndia)


          The Memorandum of Ambedkar Karamchari Mahasangh (AKM) herein after be known as ‘the Mahasangh’ contains its name, scope, aims and objectives to safeguard the overall interests especially the service interests, further prospects and welfare of its members.

1-       Name of the Association:

The name of the Association shall be Ambedkar Karamchari Mahasangh

herein after be known as Mahasangh.

     2-  Central Office: The Central office of the Mahasangh shall be remained inDelhi

and at present it will be at-

304 Mandakini Enclave,


New Delhi-110019.

Phone: 011-32226222          

 The Mahasangh shall be purely non-political and non-communal in character, pledged to the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country and engage itself in constructive and welfare work only. It shall have full faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.


 The membership of the Mahasangh shall extend to all the employee or retired employee belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Castes and the religious minorities of the Central Government/State Government/autonomous bodies under Central or State Government/Corporation under Central or State Government or an employee in any Company duly registered under Registration of the Company Act 1956 can become general member of Ambedkar Karamchari Mahasangh (AKM).


The jurisdiction of Mahasangh shall be allIndiawith its branches, units and establishment thereof all over the country in following manner:-

1-       Departmental/Corporation/Company unit

2-       District Unit

3-       Sate unit and

4-       National unit


a)                   This Mahasangh shall dedicate itself to the ideals of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the Messiah of the millions of the dalits, Tribals and other Backward Castes and the principal architect of the Constitution of India.

b)                   This Mahasangh has been formed primarily with the object of promoting common service interests and welfare of its members.

c)                   To promote a feeling of unity and solidarity in the rank and file of the employees of the particular departmental/Corporation/company unit and its National Unit of the Mahasangh also.

d)                   To develop the sense of patriotism and loyalty to the country and its Constitution and the Government.

e)                   To seek redress the grievances of the members of the Mahasangh in peaceful and constitutional manner as may be brought to its notice in general and with special reference to appointment, promotion, reservation quota, pay and allowances, leave, working condition, amenities at he working place, provident fund, security of service and any such other matter pertaining to the service and the peace and tranquillity of the family of the member of the Mahasangh as may arise from time to time.

f)                    To promote unity, sense of fellow feeling and brotherhood amongst the employees of the particular unit under which the member of Mahasangh is working.

g)                   To evolve a healthy integrated programme by accommodating and combing different interests with a view to securing an effective voice in that particular unit’s matter of administration.

h)                   To publish literature and establish personal contacts in each of the offices/establishment of the unit of the Mahasangh for the propagation and the furtherance of the aims and objectives.

i)                     To establish co-operative stores, credit & thrift societies, club, liberaries, night classes and to organize occasional social gatherings for the upliftment and the benefits of the members of the Mahasangh and the communities as a whole.

j)                     It shall be compelled to launch peaceful agitation before the appropriate authority if the constitutional rights and legal demands of the members of the Mahasangh are not accepted/implemented in spite of the written requests tendered by an individual member or the Mahasangh as a whole.

k)                   It shall look after and take up the matters of the overall interest and welfare of the member of the Mahasangh and its family with appropriate authority for redress.

l)                     It shall organise peaceful gatherings of the members of the Mahasangh, organize seminars and workshop to make them aware of the latest developments.

m)                  It shall organise mass gatherings to commemorate the events pertaining the life and struggle of Baba Sahab Ambedkar and other dalit icons.

n)                   To all such other matters or things which may adversely affects the interests and welfare of the families of the members of the Mahasangh.


The Flags of the organization:

The Flag of the Mahasangh shall have three horizontal strips of cloth/Paper. The top strip shall be that of Navy blue in colour and bottom strip shall have forest green colour. The middle strip of the flag will be of white colour and shall have the oval photograph ofBaba Sahab Dr. Ambedkar.



The insignia of the Mahasangh shall have the oval photograph ofBaba Sahab Dr. Ambedkar in the map ofIndia.  

l photograph ofBaba Sahab Dr. Ambedkar in the map ofIndia.