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Born (1953) and brought up in a mediocre Jatav-Kisan (Scheduled Caste) family of a small village in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh.

 Established Dr. Ambedkar Rural Welfare Association in the village with the sole intention of doing something good for the villagers particularly the poor and persecuted.

 Served the Telecom Department (1973-1978), State Bank ofIndia(1978-1981) and thereafter Customs Department till resigned in April 2004 to dedicate himself as whole timer in the service of the poor and persecuted.

 While remaining in services, He had played an active role in social activities through non-political platforms and the departmental unions and Associations of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the other Backward Classes.  He was the founder President of the Customs & Central Excise ST/ST Employees Association.

    On being impressed upon with BSP leader Kanshi Ram in 1978 while on his visit to Aligarh (U.P.), he has decided to give him a helping hand in his endeavor of forging unity amongst the various factions and sections of Scheduled castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backwards Classes and religious Minorities and didn’t turn back till the day Mayawati had joined hand with the reactionary forces (BJP) led by RSS. It may be noted that RSS has since been working to maintain status quo by suppressing the interests of the poor as such is detrimental to the very existence of these people in India.

      While remaining with Kanshi Ram he has not only extended his able helping hand (Money management) but also taken care of his entire affairs and played decisive role in building up Bahujan Samaj Party through his non-political front BAMCEF (Backward and Minority Communities Federation). He was such a trusted lieutenant of Kanshi Ram that has disburdened him almost in every aspect of his life and mission except of taking the stage. Because of his altruism, hard work, dedication and resolution, a second spot after Kanshi Ram was developed in the party circle.  And due to his proximity with Kanshi Ram, he was popularly called mini-Kanshi Ram in BSP circle.

     Taking cognizance of his growing influence, the lady used to play mischief and trying to dislodge him from Kanshi Ram but failed. It was the growing discontent (1994) against the boorish behavior of the lady in the party that almost entire party had espoused faith in him but he had very politely refused to accede to their request and continued with his helping hand to the leader. Having no political mention that there is no  ambition and personal desire 


his of place to 

committed to the mission of Dr. Ambedkar which has faithfully been undertaken by Kanshi Ram, he remained undeterred by the mischief of Maya and continued with his job.

 But it was the inferiority complexes of this deprave lady which compelled her to manage the ouster of so many hard workers, leaders and trusted lieutenants of Kanshi Ram who had shouldered him in his hour of need in the past! It may not be out of place to mention that it was this inferiority complex which compelled the lady to think every upcoming leader in the party as of her competitor. Her sinister plots and evil designs has become her way of life in the party. Kanshi Ram being swayed by her undue influence and her seducing overtures kept on throwing away his loyal workers out of party-fold. And finally he too has fallen victim of her evil and fanciful designs. But in the case of Mr. Tej Singh, she could not be able to impress upon Kanshi Ram.

  The incident of the fateful night of 2nd June 1995 when Mayawati has joined hands with reactionary forces like BJP, RSS…and first time taken over as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh with the ostensible support thereof whom the duo (Maya-Kanshi) used to call a Cobra till date has left a missionary worker like him stunned and compelled to part with the company of Kanshi Ram who maintained obnoxious silence at this crucial juncture. Bhai Tej Singh could not understand as to what has happened to the man who used to ask the people of Bahujan Samaj to keep distance with the Brahminical forces led by RSS and BJP with his open intention and utterances.  Having remained in dilemma for over a week, one early morning Bhai Tej Singh had called for his wife and his four kids and clearly told them, “I have almost spent half of my life caring for my parents and you people, now the burden of the mission of my Messiah has fallen on my shoulders. Being very dear and near to me, I hope you will co-operate me by extending your helping hand in my endeavor but please do not create obstacles in my way. I am going to dedicate rest of my life to thisMission.” At this having tears in their eyes, the wife and children of Bhai Tej Singh have promised him all sorts of help and cooperation even if compelled to go without food!

          After that Mr. Tej Singh has never looked back and built up a formidable force of the missionary workers from amongst the dalit and Muslims to take on the Hindutvawadi forces led by BJP, RSS and its ilk. This is not possible for him without dislodging Mayawati from the minds and heart of dalits who in absence of any viable political alternative are compelled to vote for her party. It may be out mention that there is no 

reliable dalit leader in Congress Party to watch their interests! Thus, “O helplessness thy name is Mayawati” has become the slogan of the day for these unfortunate dalits.  Similarly in absence of a Muslim leader of grass root approach and understanding, Mulayam Singh Yadav has since been flourishing!

 In reaching to this day’s position (a well known hardcore activist & figure amongst dalit), Mr. Tej Singh has crossed over so many hurdles and achieved many milestones so far as the ‘Dalit Movement’ is concerned. His tremendous confidence, passion and patience for poor and persecuted are making him undisputed leader of the future and darling of this very section of Indian society. He has emerged as ‘Dalit leader’ in the Indian political horizon.


 Bhai Tej Singh                                                                         Bhai Tej Singh


Commander-in-Chief BSS


National President, Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP)


Rashtriya Joota Brigade (RJB)

Veerangna Phoolan Devi Mahila Morcha (VPMM)

Jyotiba Phule Kishan Morcha (JKM)

Birsa Munda Majdoor Mahasangh (KBMM),

Dr. Ambedkar Karmchari Mahasangh (AKM),

Ambedkar Student Front (ASF),

Dr. Ambedkar Association of Advocates (DAAA),

Patron: Babri Masjid Navnirman Sena (BMNS)


Chief Editor: Mission Media


 TEJ SINGH: Commander-in-Chief BSS

A Pragmatic man of commitment & Concern

 Bhai Tej Singh: A life sketch...1



Bhai Tej Singh: A life sketch...4


Bhai Tej Singh: A life sketch..6



here is the list of

 his undaunted projects undertaken during these past ten years:-

10th Sept. 95              

Launching of BSS, a non-political & non-religious organization of Bahujan Samaj from Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, 25,Ashoka Road,New Delhi.

 29th Oct., 95 

Celebrated Periar Janmotsav SAMAROH (A Mammoth Seminar) at Ghaziabad.

 6th Dec., 95                

Organized a parade of hundreds of BSS volunteers in its uniform before the Indian Parliament as a mark of respect to the Messiah of the millions, Baba Sahib Ambedkar on his death anniversary. The volunteers have taken a vow to fulfill the Mission of Baba Sahib Ambedkar.

 17th March, 96           

Celebrated “Bahujan Diwas” to commemorate the birthday of Kanshi Ram ji.

10th Sept.,96

Celebrated the first Establishment Day of BSS as Swabhiman Diwas inDelhito prove our solidarity in which thousands of BSS volunteers have participated.

 16th March,1997        

Swabhiman Savdhan Sammelan, a big Rally of BSS
Volunteers (Swayamsewak) at Firozshah Kotla Ground,Delhi.

 20th March to 14th.April, 1997                      

A “PADYATRA” (long march) from Parliament New Delhi to Mhow, Indore (The Birthplace of our Messiah of Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar) covering almost 1000 Kms, with hundreds of our uniform volunteers with the message to our people to denounce Hindu-rites and rituals and to embrace Amedkarism. It was also a test for those who are shouldering
responsibilities with me whether they could be able to sustain in the movement of do and die!

 22nd July, 1997          

DHIKKAR SAMMELAN” inDelhi on Arun Shouri’s  attempt to malign the image of Baba Sahib(Worshipping False  Gods..)

 23rd July, 1997           

On desecration of Baba Sahib’s statute at Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar, Bombayand killing of 13 Ambedkarites by Bombay Police.


was undertaken before Indian Parliament, New Delhi.

 10th Sept, 1997          

Observed with the grandeur the second establishment day of BSS “Swabhiman Diwas” (Self-respect Day) at Constitution Club Ground, Rafi Marg,Delhi with increasing Prudence and Strength.

 27, 28 & 29th May,1998                                

Three day’s “CYCLE MARCH” in Delhi to expose BJP Government’s intention behind enhancement of the retirement age from 58 to 60 years so as to deprive our educated youths of their employment. Please do remember, that every year, for example, 90,000 Central Government employees retire of them a few belongs to our Society. But if theses posts are to be filled up, 49.5%  Posts straightway go to our boys by virtue of reservation and even more posts are taken by our boys on merit and through our Muslims and Christian brethren, leaving just little than 30-35% percent out of their booty of 100%! That is why they, on the one side, enhanced the retirement age and privatization on the other. This CYCLE MARCH was performed in 46-48 degree Celsius temperature!

 10th Sept. 1998

Third establishment day of BSS Swabhiman Diwas at New Delhi which was attended by several thousands uniformed volunteers of BSS.

 27th Nov. to 6th Dec.,1998

“AYODHYA COOTCH “on bicycles to prove solidarity behind our Muslims brethren on the threat from the rabid Hindu organizations like VHP, RSS, Bjarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. to build ‘RamaTemple’ at Ayodhya at the site of demolished Babari Mosque. Our slogan was “We shall never allow the vicious attempts of any one of constructing temple on the site of Babri Mosque.”

In this attempt of ours, we were arrested by U.P. Police and lodged with Historical Central Jail of Meerut. Aggrieved with the ill treatment of the jail authorities particularly that of Mr. V.K. Mishra, Jailer, there was no option left before me to treat Mr. Mishra with shoes which has lightening effects and the authorities sorted out all of our grievances in jail.

This has prompted us to launch “RASHTRIYA JOOTA BRIGADE” as our frontal organization, which we have announced while observing Baba Sahib’s death anniversary on 6th December, 1998 in Meerut Central Jail! We were around 66 volunteers including myself, in that jail apart from several thousands arrested in different part of Uttar Pradesh, First time in the annals of the history, UP Government have to resort to strict vigilance and created emergency like situation.

 18th March,1999        

Demonstration before GTB Hospital in East Delhi and March  to Parliament in support of the students and doctors  who were  manhandled and beaten up by the upper Caste doctors Students in GTB Hostel! It all happed in Delhi the capital of India!

 21st May, 1999          

A seminar in Delhion “HINDU TERRORISM & THE ROLE OF THE STATE AND MEDIA”. We have honored dalit journalists of eminence namely Brother V.T. Rajshekjar of ‘Dalit Voice’, Brother Intizar Naeem of ‘Radiance’ and Brother Paresh Nath and the son of Vishwanath ji of ‘Sarita, Mukta fame’. This was blacked out by so called Hindu Media!

 27th June, 1999          

A mammoth “VIKALP SAMMELAN” in Lucknow, the Capital of UP in which thousands people from all over the country has participated. Political alternative of BSP was discussed at length and finally Ambedkar Samaj Party a new alternative political party of the Bahujan Samaj was announced.

 25th Oct. 1999            

A massive demonstration was organized before India Parliament by the volunteers of

“Rashtriya Joota Brigade” on anti-reservation judgments of the Supreme

Court of India.

 12th Dec. 1999           

“Hindutwa VS Buddhism” a seminar of dalit, Muslim and Christian intellectual inDelhito expose the ill-intention of Hindus to swallow Buddhism through their convention of Hindu leaders, Shankarcharyas at Lumbini(Nepal).

 26th January to14th April, 2000         

MISSION CARVAN” an 80 days voyage on wheels in eight North Indian States  (Delhi, Haryana,Chandigarh,Punjab, Part of Himachal Pradesh, Rajsthan, Madhya  Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh) covering almost 26000Kms. To create an awareness amongst  our people staying away in countryside about the ill intention of BJP government of  replacing Indian Constitution in the guise of reviewing it unnecessarily. We have also motivated educated the people on “Women’s Reservation Bill” and UP government’s “Religious places and Building Bill….” During this   “Mission Caravan”,  Bhai Tej Singh has met with a road accident at Kannauj (U.P) in  which he along with three other participant have narrowly escaped. Two of the  colleagues of Bhai Tej Singh  (Patel & Yadav) was seriously injured and sent back to  Delhifor Treatment. The volunteers of “Mission Caravan” were again narrowly escaped  when live electric wire  has fallen on the roof of the main vehicle (A decorated Mini  Bus) ofMissionCaravan.  The presence of mind of the driver who was also a missionary  worker has averted the  accident.

 18th May to 27th May, 2000 

A  “Janjagran Abhiyaan” (general awareness program) against the barbarian attitude of UP Police killing four innocent Jatavas (Dalits), three Muslims and a Jat (Backward Caste youth) by the police and district administration of Firojabad (UP).

 28th May 2000           

A massive rally (Police Atank Virodhi Rally) against Police-terrorism at  Tundla (Firozabad) which compelled the U.P. Government to constitute Banerji  Commission of Inquiry.  On the basis of its findings of this Commission, the next kin of the deceased Were  given two and half lakhs of Rupees each in addition to the removal  from service for the guilty Police Officials.

 15 & 16th July, 2000                                                                             

A Regional Cadre Camp at Agra in which about 200 youths belonging to S/C & B/C category have left RSS and Bajrang Dal to join BSS. Taking cognizance of this Cadre Camp, the RSS authorities were compelled to undertake their own National convention in the month of September 2000.

 October 2000 

In order to make our people aware about the happenings or misshapenness for and against them by the Brahminical Government, Caste Hindus or any of their own organization, we have launched our monthly Tabloid “AHWAL-e-MISSION” in Hindi.

 Oct. 22, 2000             

The Congress Government has announced the construction of Cemented Platforms for the cobblers ofDelhibut they have done nothing after the lapse of one year. The state Government of Delhi with due connivance of Central Government of BJP they have launched their offensive against the poor cobblers to desert them fromDelhi. We have taken their offensive with our protests and organized a massive Mochi Ekata Sammelan, inDelhi getting their problems redressed.

 18th March 2001

Organized well attended ADHIKAAR SAMMELAN at Agra (U.P.) to 
commemorate the first appearance of Baba Sahib Ambedkar in a Grand Public Meeting 
 at the same place at Agra Chaired by none other than our Messiah of 18th March 1956  which was attended by millions of dalits ofAgrain which he has expressed his concern  and anguish against the educated youths who failed to discharge their responsibility for  their people. In the same Rally  he has also said that if he would have been aware of such  a large numbers of his people, he would never have signed the “Poona Pact”.

 14th April 2001

A big Seminar was organized in Delhito commemorate the birth anniversary  of Baba Sahib Ambedkar on the banner of SC/ST Officer’s Association of Customs & Central excise. The organization is also being headed by Bhai Tej Singh as it’s Founder President.

 16th April 2001           

Bhai Tej Singh has attended a mammoth “BHEEM NAGARI” programme atAgra  which was attended by millions of dalits ofAgra. In this  programme, Bhai Tej Singh  has condemned Ram Vilas Paswan in very strongest terms for his being a Part of Atal  Bihari’s Central Government of BJP., that too when Mr. Paswan was present there as the Chief Guest of the Function!  The condemnation of Paswas was appreciated by so many  dignitaries including Brother Ramdas Athawle M.P. It may be noted that the dalits of Agraused to celebrate Dr. Ambedkar’s Birthday with great fanfare and organize the “Bheem Nagari” program at night of the other day.

 April 2001                  

A day’s Cadre Camp was organized atMeerut.

 1st June 2001             

In order to commemorate Baba sahib’s 111th birth Anniversary, a programme was organized by the BSS unit ofChandigarhand Punjab atChandigarhin  which hundreds of the Sikh brothers and sisters have participated. Apart from others, the Nihang leader Baba Suchcha Singh have also joined BSS along with all his followers.

 10th September 2001 

Organized a massive “DALIT DAMAN VIRODHI RALLY” in Delhi to challenge the Hindu Nazi forces of RSS, Shiv Sena,  Bajrang Dal not to create Religious Frenzy otherwise no Hindu Temple will survive its existence.

 Sept./October 2001   

Our U.P. unit of Rashtriya Joota Brigade has launched a vigorous offensives against the rape of a eleven years old Dalit daughter of a poor Masson by a Caste Hindu youth. The demonstrations, Dalit Panchayat and the offensive against the Police Officials by our Women Wing of RJB finally resulted in the arrest of the Caste Hindu youth who was being protected by two Ministers of U.P.’s BJP Government and also from Mr. Ajit Singh, a Central Minister! The family was given due compensation.

 15th October, 2001    

The Delhi Unit of BSS and RJB has organized a fierce demonstration against Delhi Government resulted in the sacking of The Welfare Minister Mrs. Krishna Tirath who failed to fulfill her promise of providing Cemented Platforms for the cobblers of Delhi. Though the Cemented Platforms could not be made available but the Desertion of the cobblers ofDelhiwas taken back by the Governments.

 November 2001         

RJB once again has to launch an offensive against the Police as well as Caste Hindus of the village Kithaur on the brutal killing of a Dalit youth (Village Deputy Chief) by the thakurs, (Caste Hindus). Finally the government has to succumb to our Movement and sent the offender thakurs to jail and compensation to the family of the deceased dalit.

20 February 2002      

A massive Rally under the banner of Rashtriya Joota Brigade at the Bangle-City Ferozabad was organized in support of Bangle-workers who were being treated shabbily  by the owners of the Bangle Factories.

 14th April 2002           

BSS has organized a massive Rally at Faizabad (Ayodhya) to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar. Prior to the Rally, a strong contingent of about 500 uniformed (Half blue pant and White T-Shirt with (BSS badges)  volunteers have undertaken Flag-March on the streets of Ayodhya (Faizabad).  In this Rally, the Mulayam Singh Yadav has been taken to task for feigning false love  towards Muslims and come out openly against the Hindu-Terrorism. A Resolution was   also passed that the Killer-Narendra Modi should be hanged.

 June/July 2002          

On the issuance of Government Order of curtailing The Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 by Maya-Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Statewide Demonstrations  under BAHISKAAR ANDOLAN were organized under the banners of BSS, RJB and ASP to denounce this so called Dalit-Government led  by the so-called “Sis” of dalits in very strongest terms.

 10-12 August 2002    

Three days Cadre Camp of volunteers of the organizations under BSS.

 10 Sept 2002              

When the self-respect of the dalits in U.P. was at stake, BSS has organized a massive “SWABHIMAAN BACHAO SAMMELAN’ atLucknow to expose the evil designs of BSP-BJP Government led by Mayawati. The organizers have disdained the lady for her unholy alliance with BJP and warned her not to implement RSS Agenda in U.P.

 8 December 2002      

HINDU-ATANK VIRODHI RALLY atMeerut on which the RSS/BJP/Bajrang Dal and the activist of Shiv Sena & BJYM have attacked before its beginning. Their attempt to sabotage the Rally was not only foiled by the trained volunteers of RJB but thrashed the attackers with bamboos resulting in the hospitalization of several attackers. Having taken cognizance of their treatment with shoes and bamboos that too at the hands of dalits, the senior leaders of RSS and BJP has to demonstrate before the District Magistrate of Meerut who initially not ready to take any punitive action against our volunteers but on the pressure from Lalji Tondon-Maywati our seven innocent realists were sent to jail.  It was not sufficient for the dalit lady Chief Minister that she has booked our senior leaders including Bhai Tej Singh under treason!

27th December 2002  

A massive demonstration before Parliament New Delhi has been organized  and due signals were sent to BJP’s Central Government and U.P. Government run by their stooge to dare arrest of the leaders of BSS, RJB and ASP! No anticipatory bail was opted for. After four months, the U.P. Police has in writing surrendered the arrest warrants issued against our leaders that it is not possible for them to touch our leaders?

14th April 2003           

Launched HINDU-ATANK VIRODI YATRA against Hindu-Terrorism after offering our floral tribute to our Messiah Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar at Parliament Delhi. The Yatra has coveredDelhi, Part of Harya, Part of Rajsthan, Part of Madya Pradesh and U.P. All along the routes of this Yatra the slogans like “Hindu Aryo Wapas Jaao-Bharat Desh Hamara Hai” were shouted by our strong contingent of 25-30 Four Wheelers including a Grand YATRA Vehicle. This Yatra was attacked by the Brahmi-Thakur combined at Pithanpur Chowk of Bhind (M.P.) in which our three workers were badly injured.

This attack was masterminded by the local BSP leaders of Madhya Pradesh which was revealed by the police in their investigation report!

 June/July 2003          

A Muslim student of a Primary School was raped by a Brahmin Teacher of the same school under Pilakhua Police Station at Hapur district Ghaziabad (U.P.).

An offensive against the Police was launched by the District unit of Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP) resulting in the arrest of the rapist teacher after two

months continuous struggle.

 August 2003              

Dalit-Muslim Brotherhood Rallies were organized atBareilly, Banda, Hathras, Balia in Uttar Pradesh.

 10th Sept 2003           

SWABHIMAN BACHAO RALLY atGwalior, M.P. In this program, Ambedkar Student Front was launched.

 25-30 Dec. 2003        

In order to equip the volunteers of BSS, RJB and Ambedkar Student Front mentally and physically, A Five Days Training Camp was organized at the Village Bhadwas, Etah (U.P.). A new team of about 100 Master-Trainers was picked up for conducting Training Camps at difference places.

 Jan-April 2004           

Organized Induction Training Camps for new cadets/recruits and volunteers at District levels in U.P. for the new Recruits.

May-November 2004           

On the call of the mother of Kanshi Ram (Mrs. Bishan Kaur) and her sons and Grandsons, a SAVE KANSHI movement was launched in the northern and Western states of the country for the release of the Kanshi Ram the founder President of Bahujan Samaj Party from the captivity of Mayawati. Several Public meetings, Dharnas and demonstrations were organized in addition to the legal action through Delhi High Court.

 January 2005 onwards:

The of Survey-2005 has begun in U.P. and M.P. The programs under BHARTIYA BHAGIDAARI ANDOLAN is being organized…

 26th January 2005     

A massive Rally on the “Constitution Day” was organized at Ghazipur (U.P.)

 11th February 2005

A Massive Rally at Mahoba (Bundelkhand) 

Under Bhartiya Bhagidari Andolan ….