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Awakened Ambedkarite’ wants to lead a coalition of Dalit and Muslims

By M Reyaz,,

Nagina/Bijnor: In most elections, the battle is two way contest or at most three ways, still what inspires so many other individuals and smaller parties to field their candidates, many of whom often forfeit their deposits as they fail to register even the minimum votes required.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) patriarch and mentor Kanshi Ram' had famously noted, "Pehla chunaav haarne ke liye. Doosra chunaav haraane ke liye. Aur teesra chunaav jeetne ke liye(The first election is for losing. The second is for defeating. And the third is for winning)." Some parties or individuals, however, fail to reach even the next level and still zealously they keep trying with the hope that people will one day show trust in them. Many such parties are lose assemblage of idealists, activists or those raising issues that fail to catch the attention of the people, and hence they remain on the fringe.


After Kanshi Ram Maywati has become the icon of Dalit politics in Uttar Pradesh and across the, however, another of his comrade Bhai Tej Singh too claims to be “truly following the path shown by Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He does not hesitate to even call himself an “Ambedkarite fanatic,” and reminds that Dr Ambedkar has said, “A movement of the untouchables must mean an open war upon the Caste Hindus.”

His Ambedkar Samaj Party (Ambedkar Society Party) claims to be fighting for the causes of the Dalits and minorities. Singh is also commander-in-chief of the Bahujan Swayam Sewak Sanghathan, a militant dalit organization, founded 1995.

Bhai Tej Singh of Ambedkar Samaj Party.

Bhai Tej Singh with his colleagues and supporters.

TCN caught with Singh on his campaign trial in Bijnor district’s reserved seat Nagina, where he claimed that the Dalits are unhappy with Maywati and are desperately looking for an alternative, which he is confident ASP can become.
While to begin with BSP was primarily a party of the Dalits, ASP wants to be seen as a party of “coalition of Dalits and Muslims.” In December, 2012, he spearheaded a movement of a group of ‘awakened’ Ambedkarite youths, Babari Masjid Navnirman Sena (Army for Babari Masjid Reconstruction), to strive afresh for the reconstruction of the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. The cadres of this ‘non-political’ movement are all Dalits who are “helping Muslim brethren rebuild the Babari mosque.”

During his election rallies, he reminds the audience how SP Government reinstated Raja Bhaiya in the cabinet, who was an accused in the murder case of police Officer Zia-ul-Haque and how several riots took place under their watch. He adds in same breath that the BSP has formed the government thrice in past in an alliance with the BJP and there is no reason why she cannot do it again. The office bearers of ASP also includes large number of Muslims.

Inamur Rehman, national Joint-Secretary of the ASP, who is originally from Sambal, says that he was impressed with the work of “Bhai-Saheb,” who he says can prove a messiah after Ambedkar, if he has his ways on social-engineering.

Dalit movements began in the latter half of the nineteenth and twentieth century against age old oppressions of the so called “Untouchables,” but the current election is seeing a new shift, when leaders like Ram Vilas Paswan has allied with the BJP – generally seen as party of the caste Hindus, Ramdas Athawale has entered into an alliance with the Shiv Sena and Udit Raj has himself joined the party.
Taking an extreme position, however, he says, he will have no alliance or talk with the caste-Hindus. He terms June 2, 1995, as “ill-fated night of shameless act” when “holy alliance of Dalits and Backward class communities (SP+BSP) were broken for unholy alliance of BJP+BSP.”

 Bhai Tej Singh with his colleagues and supporters.

Bhai Tej Singh of Ambedkar Samaj Party.

ASP believes in equitable distribution of wealth. Tej Singh says that Muslims have only got the representation, not their due share and hence they are lagging behind.

ASP is opposed to Hindutva nationalism of BJP which it sees as representing an upper caste minority. ASP claims that Bahujan Samaj Party has betrayed dalits through its alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party. Singh had earlier contested election, but lost. This time he is trying his luck from Nagina, which has majority Muslim population, followed by Dalits.

Singh says that all the recommendations of the Sachar Committee and Rangnathan Mishra Committee should be implemented including, new delimitation committees to de-reserve the constituencies that has sizeable Muslim population. He also wants Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims to have the same right as Dalit Hindus and wants Article-341 repealed.

A section of Dalits, particularly the Chamad community appeared unhappy with the BSP for fielding an ‘outsider’, Girish Chandra Jatav. There is also a section of Dalits, who believe that the Modi wave may improve their situations too. Their candidate Yashwant Singh is also quite strong. Being a reserved seat, all the candidates are Dalits, including sitting MP Yashvir Singh of SP, and hence largely it will be the Muslim votes who will decide the winner here. On his part Tej Singh has not left any stone unturned. In fact Hazrat Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, a renowned clergy and Daa’i, popular in the area, has given his stamp approval for his candidature.

As Nagina, famous for wooden handicrafts of ebony work, goes to poll on April 17, the contest appears wide-open.

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 New Delhi: The provisions for reservation of 22.5% to the Scheduled Castes and The Scheduled Tribes are there in the Constitution of India which was came into force way back in 26th January 1950. Since then the Government of the Caste-Hindus (Brahmins, Kshatriya & Vaishyas) were remain at the helms of the affairs in the country but they were not honest enough to implement reservation policy so as to fairly distribute it amongst all the castes belonging to SCs & STs rather they have pursued the policy of "NOT AVAILABLE & NOT SUITABLE" for over 63 years. With this policy of "NOT AVAILABLE & NOT SUITABLE” and methods of de-reservation, they used to enjoy and eat away the shares of the SC/STs. On the other hand, Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar has become the leaders of the so-called affluent amongst the SC/ST by joining His struggle, left their ancestral occupations and imparted education to their children so as to enable them to have their due share in the governance of the country.  

On the other hand the remaining marginal communities amongst the SC/ST who were hoodwinked by none other then Gandhi the great deceit who has poisons the ears of these marginal communities and advised to stick to their ancestral professions. Thus Gandhi was successful in his beguilement and made sharp divide the whole lot of the SC/STs against the will and wishes of Dr. Ambedkar. The result is obvious; the Caste-Hindus though micro-minority but are successful in their mischief of “Divide & fool to rule” so as to remain at the helms of the affairs and enjoying all the fruits and juices ofIndia! The cunning Caste-Hindu fellows have since been enjoying everything by grabbing the land, wealth, governance, The saffron saints be thoroughly investigated of their antecedents so as to bring them to the book.judiciary and educational, banking & other institutions. The mischief of Mr. M.K. Gandhi who was the representative of the Caste-Hindus has since been carried away by his progeny through their motherorganization (RSS). The SC/Sts are still enjoying their abject slavery and virtually have become diehard enemy of their own people. The pity of the marginal communities is that they are opposing those of their ownby tooth n nail who are otherwise are supposed to be follow like anything to equate themselves to have their due share in the land, wealth, governance, judiciary and also their due share in the educational, banking and other commercial institutions in their country of theirs.  

Not only the SC/STs are there on their target but the other Backwards Castes, the erstwhile Shudras of Hindu hierarchy who used to enjoy their slavery by happily imparting almost all type of services to these Caste-Hindus are also their worst victims. They were used and misused like anything without giving them anything except their residue. These cunning Caste-Hindus were instrumental in not letting the Kaka Kalelkar Commission report meant for the welfare and uplift of the Backwards Castes implemented. These same lots of the cunning Caste-Hindus were instrumental in appointing another Commission (Mandal Commission) in 1977 instead of getting implemented the Kaka Kalelkar Report. His Excellency Mandal Sahib has submitted his report to the Government but it was again stalled by these cunning Caste-Hindus. It was late Mr. V.P. Singh was compelled by Kanshi Ram, “MANDAL COMMISSION LAAGU KARO, VARNA KURSHI KHAALI KARO” to make an empty announcement uninterestingly about it but try to stall it by instigating Caste-Hindu students to go in for agitation against the implementation of the Mandal Commission reports. The height of everything was that the small bunch of the Caste-Hindu students was putting the buses and other state property on fine and a large contingent of the police and para military forces were just become mere spectators! If Mr. V.P. Singh was honest enough, he should have declared the list of the beneficiaries backward Castes and gazette it in the newspapers and should have also made due announcement through radio n Television, the poor Backward Caste students may perhaps not have joined the anti-Mandal agitation. 

The cunning Caste-Hindu were not contented  by giving flames to the anti-Mandal agitation but find out a device to deprive the Backward Castes of the benefits of the reservation by innovating a new trick of “CREAMY LAYER”. Creamy layer means to deprive the academically deserved amongst the Backward Castes whereas the academically undeserved are not supposed to get appointed so as to fill up the vacancies of the reservation meant for them. The curse of the “Creamy Layer” is quite visible letting the cunning Caste Hindus to eat away the share of the backward Castes.  

The cunning Caste-Hindus were not remained content by eating away the due share of the SC/ST and Backward Castes so far as the governance and judiciary of the country is concerned. On time to time they find out the tricks n devices to deprive this very vast section of Indian population by using and misusing the administrative and judicial authorities. During past six decades of the so-called independences of the country they have virtually divested the Muslims and other minority communities of their livelihood. It may be pointed out that at the time of the transfer of powers to these cunning Caste-Hindu black Indians (means by heart & soul), the Muslims were supposed to be 35% in higher positions in the governance and judiciary of the country. By virtue of their love and affection to the Congress (Main Hindu political organization) they were reduced to abject poverty barring a few of their so-called leaders (muzzled dogs) from amongst them! The Muslims were not only reduced to zero in every walks of their lives but also made their Ram Naam Satya Haivery soft targets to be eliminated physically on the pretexts of riots and nowadays the very weapon of terrorism!  

The two reports meaning for the welfare of the Muslims and other minority communities were not even brought on the tables in the Parliament. The Rangnath Mishra Report and Sachchar Committee Report is appears to have been dumped in the dustbin! The Schchar Commission has very distinctly mentioned in their report that the position of the Muslims is far worst than the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Castes inIndia. The final report of the Ranganath Misra Commission was submitted to the government in May 2007 but it was not tabled in the Parliament until it got leaked to the media. Finall on the pressure from the Muslims and other minority communities, the government was compelled to put it up in Parliament on December 18, 2009 but not yet implemented. It may be noted that the Rangnath Mishra Commission has recommended 15% reservation to the Muslims and other minority communities in the educational institution and other government employments.

Instead of implementing Rangnath Mishra Commission Report of imparting 15% reservation to Muslims and other Minority communities, another commission under the Chairmanship of Justice Rajendra Sachchar alongwith Sayyid Hamid, Dr. T.K. Oomen, M.A. Basith, Dr. Akhtar Majeed, Dr. Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr. Rakesh Basant as members was constituted by the cunning Caste-Hindu Government of Congress for preparation of a report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India. It prepared a 403-page report that was tabled in Parliament on 30 November 2006 – that too twenty months after obtaining the terms of reference from the government. It has come-up with its report with suggestions and solutions for the alleviation the Muslim’s problems but nothing has come out positively.

The increasing political influence and understanding amongst the SC/STs and the Backward Castes and even the Muslims are the cause of concerned for these cunning Caste-Hindu who are trying their best to cause a quarrel between the aboriginals to this land of ours. The whole world knows that these cunning Caste-Hindus have not only remained up against the women for centuries but tortured them like anything. Their so-called religious scriptures are filled up with filthy abusive languages against the women folks. The sudden emergence of love and affection (Women’s reservation) in their hearts for the women is really very surprising.  This love and affection for the women is nothing but their vicious trick to grab majority in Parliament and state legislatures the guise of “women’s reservation” without imparting the due share of the women coming from the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Backward Caste and the Muslims & other minority community women. The exercise in garb n guise of   “Women’s reservation” is nothing but making the cunning Caste-Hindus remain at the helms of the affairs in this land of ours so as to make them continue to extract and enjoy all the fruits and juices of the country depriving the millions of the aboriginals.

Finally we must me aware of the tactics n tricks of these cunning Caste-Hindus and never allow them to divide and fool us to rule. We must concentrate on as to how to get the country liberated from the clutches and dominance of these cunning Caste Hindus so as to make our people live at their will.

Let the affluent & intellectuals from amongst the Scheduled, Castes & Scheduled Tribes do not come out of the intoxication of TV, Bibi and Sheeshi to due discharges their debts of the struggle of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar and everything will be on tracks so far as our due share in the land, wealth, governance, judiciary and educational, industrial, Banking and commercial institutions in the country are concerned. The indifferent attitude of this very section of our society has made the infidels (leaders) from amongst us to flourish and finally the cunning Caste-Hindus to prevail.

By Bhai Tej Singh,
National President,
Ambedkar Samaj Party

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